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Why Open-Concept Kitchens Are Here to Stay

by Joseph Lemke

Posted on April 28, 2017 06:43:25 PM

While a debate surges on about whether a kitchen is better closed off, one thing is certain: the open-concept kitchen is here to stay. As the hub of activity in the home, the kitchen needs to be comfortable and inviting, which is something open kitchen floor plans easily allow for.

Having an open-concept kitchen provides a variety of benefits. Whether entertaining guests or preparing meals for yourself or your family, the open-concept allows more flexibility. It also gives you additional options for the kitchen layout. If you ever think of selling, an open-concept kitchen can make your home more desirable to potential buyers. Let’s discuss the many advantages of including this interior design trend in your home.

Ease of Use in an Open-concept Kitchen

Some argue that the open-concept kitchen makes it more difficult for the one preparing meals due to outside distractions. Although, a valid point at times; however, being closed off from guests or family could present an even greater distraction.

If you’d like to mingle with friends or check on the kids, you have to leave the kitchen if you have a closed concept. This means completely taking your eyes off of whatever you're doing. When you return, you may have to regroup and forget what you were in the middle of. Another pitfall might involve forgetting to return fast enough in order to tend to something time sensitive.

With an open-concept kitchen, you can be a part of conversations, or watch your kids while continuing to prepare a meal or clean your kitchen countertops. The open design also helps to keep your kitchen workflow running smoothly. Since others can see you without having to enter the kitchen, they’re less likely to enter your workspace, allowing you to move freely.

If a breakfast bar is a part of the kitchen layout, serving becomes even easier. For small family meals or gatherings with a few guests, the breakfast bar can be one central location rather than being spread out in adjoining rooms. Besides the fewer rooms that are used, the easier it is to clean.

Options When Removing Your Kitchen Wall

Another potential concern with the open-concept kitchen involves the removal of a wall. That extra wall gives the kitchen more privacy in order to hide messes as well as additional options for storage. There are plenty of solutions to counter those issues, though.

Regarding messes, a deeper sink can hold more dishes and can help to conceal large piles of plates when guests are over. Also, pocket or foldable doors could be installed. When you want or need privacy in the kitchen, pull the doors shut to block the view. The potential loss of storage can be remedied in several ways. A pass-through window opens the kitchen up to an adjacent room, but cabinet space can still be kept for maximum storage options. It also still provides a degree of privacy.

Other options include a kitchen island or a breakfast bar. Both can incorporate storage as well as a place for others to sit outside of the working triangle.

Homebuyers Love Open-Concept Kitchens

Having an open-concept kitchen also increases the interest others have if the home is listed on the housing market. Both individuals and families like the idea of being able to interact with others when in the kitchen. Also, smaller homes benefit greatly from having an open-concept kitchen. It gives the illusion of more space, making a smaller home more marketable.

Of course, if you're looking to market your home and considering opening up the kitchen, think about upgrading the kitchen countertops as well. Making the switch from a less reliable kitchen countertop option to more durable granite countertops, such as Absolute Black granite, can add an elegant style to your home and increase its overall value.