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Virtual Room Designer

Virtual Room Designer is our exclusive, web-based stone visualizer tool. It enables users to browse the full range of’s stones in a high definition virtual space. Simply start with a room layout that matches your own, and customize all the finishes to match, such as countertops, cabinetry, flooring, and walls. Take the design challenge into your own hands!

What our customers say

“Before using the visualizer, I had to spend hours explaining to my clients how my product will look in their rooms. Now, I have a tool to ensure that my decisions won’t have me doubting my interior choices, whether I wanted to showcase a new cabinet, window, door, or countertop set.”
Monica S. Moore
Monica S. Moore

Frequently asked questions about our tool

What is a visualizer?
The visualizer tool is a web program that helps you rearrange your room ideas, implementing all your layouts onto your computer screen. Instead of having to waste your time and hard-earned money by going back and forth from store to store trying to find out which of your ideas will work best for your home, you can simply use our tool to visualize what you can’t imagine.
The visualizer will help your clients or customers with finalizing all their decisions, visualizing all the items you want to include into your specified interior setting. Aside from the hours and dollars you might spend trying to promote your business, you can use our visualizer tool to take a look at how to tackle your construction or renovation projects.
Our 3D design team will take your parameters and specifications and render virtual rooms to showcase all the products and services you have to offer. The visualizer can help you with optimizing the way you handle your business and revolutionize the way you conduct your businesses.
Using the visualizer tool is easy. All you have to do is move your mouse and touch whatever item you want to change. The side menu will include our vast inventory of design options that you want to visualize.
The visualizer tool is used to help you find the room aesthetic you want to create and customize. The tool helps you visualize all the items you wish to include into your indoor space and with the customization it offers, you can visualize everything to meet your needs.
The visualizer is specifically designed to handle any web browser, so as long as you’re using a browser, you can look at all the room settings you wish to customize. We recommend you use a computer or laptop, however, if you’re on the go or you want to look at the design you made through our website, you can use your phone to refer to your design using the browser of your choice.
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