How to Get Stains Out of Marble: Best Tips
How to Get Stains Out of Marble: Best Tips
Marble is one of the most beautiful materials on the planet. Find out how you can remove stains from your marble and keep the stone in great shape.
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Marble is a beautiful natural stone but is not recommended for kitchens since they receive a lot of traffic and are more prone to being damaged.
Since no two granites are exactly alike, one may be absorbent while another may be resistant. Discover whether or not you should seal your counters.
Granite is one of the most durable natural stones in the world. However, despite the rugged nature of granite, it can still chip if a pan falls onto it.
One of the best ways to enhance your oak cabinets is brand-new granite countertops. Durable and beautiful, this stone brings out the best in any home.
A kitchen peninsula is a great option for your next kitchen remodel. Add something special to your home, and discover the ideal kitchen peninsula dimensions.
If you are searching to create a cleaner with natural ingredients, look no further. Here are some simple instructions using ingredients already in your home.
Many assume that stone comes from across the world, but actually, much of it is mined right in the U.S. Let's take a look at the history of Maine quarries.
Porcelain is a gorgeous material that provides both beauty and functionality. Find out more about porcelain's average cost using our helpful cost guide.
While granite is an easy to care for stone, there are certain ingredients that should never be used on your granite countertops. Learn more with our guide.
Although granite is scratch-resistant, accidents can happen. When those accidents happen, you'll be ready with our helpful guide to remove a granite scratch.
Marble is a classic, gorgeous material available in a variety of colors. Check out our top picks for marble with brown veining and how to properly style it.
Here's how to clean granite countertops in bathrooms. With a little TLC, your granite stone will last a lifetime, no matter where it is in your home.