When it comes to granite countertop surfaces homeowners want to preserve its shine and polished finish.
Suede Granite also is known as leathered granite; is a type of finish applied to your stone counter that gives it a rough surface and matted look.
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If your marble has been “etched” or damaged do not worry has everything you need to know.
Comparing and contrasting two of the most popular natural stones for the home granite and travertine.
Filling a wall joint gap with caulk provides a finished overall look between your countertop and backsplash.
Granite and wood are two of the most common countertop materials having the ability to create a trendy and elegant space.
Seams are often unavoidable, especially for larger projects but there are many ways to ensure they aren't noticeable.
Natural stone and wood countertops tend to cost a pretty penny making some consider laminate as an alternative.
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