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MATERIAL: Limestone

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Limestone is a beautiful natural stone surface that will visually enhance any area of your home. Whether you use it as a limestone kitchen countertop, backsplash, bathroom countertop or other fixture in the home, a limestone slab is surely a stylish addition. The look of limestone will give off a feeling of light and warmth in your space. Limestone countertops, much like any natural stone countertops, are a high-quality option for your home. You will have various countertop options to choose from when it comes to color and texture. Although kitchen countertops get most of the attention in the home, limestone is a truly versatile stone that can work well with many other design elements. When it comes to countertop materials, there are many great reasons for you to choose limestone.

Limestone surfaces are beautiful and will stay that way as long as you take care of them. Much like the similar stone travertine, you will have to be careful and make sure not to spill any acidic liquids on the surface. Doing so can cause significant damage to your limestone. Do not let this cause any fear; as long as you put in a little bit of effort, your limestone countertops can stay looking great for years.

Limestone is not the cheapest option that you will find for countertops, backsplashes, vanities and other home structures, but keep in mind that you are much better off paying for a high quality surface that will last you years rather than one that is cheap and prone to damages. If you want to incorporate a beautiful light natural stone into your home, limestone is an excellent choice.

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