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Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Here are some answers to questions we’ve gotten in the past.

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Do I need to make an appointment to visit one of your facilities?

There is no appointment necessary, just come in during our business hours and go over your project with one of the members of our sales team.

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Can I take samples home with me?

Absolutely, in fact we encourage it! The samples are free and are helpful in the selection process. Visit one of our locations to pick them up today.

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What materials can I find at your facilities?

We carry an extensive selection of premium countertop materials, including granite, quartz, marble, quartzite, slate, limestone, travertine, soapstone, gemstone, onyx and glass.

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How can I get an estimate?

Creating an estimate is easy and free. You may choose to use our online estimate tool , which allows you to input your project measurements and specifications, creating an instant estimate, or email your project dimensions, along with your name, zip code and contact telephone number to receive a free estimate from our sales staff. And don't forget to bring your plans with you when you visit one of our locations, as we can create an estimate on site.

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How do I schedule my templating appointment?

Once you have your cabinets installed, you can give us a call to schedule an appointment for templating. Our technicians are usually available to create an onsite template the next business day.

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Why do I need to visit a granite yard?

Because every slab of natural stone is completely unique, we recommend visiting one of our locations to see the variations in person.

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Does my countertop need to be sealed?

All natural stone is porous to some extent, and for that reason we recommend sealing it, which will help prevent staining. Follow the sealer manufacturer's instruction for the best results.

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What type of edge profiles are available?

We offer dozens of edge profiles to choose from. Ranging from simple to complex premium edges, we have something for every décor style.

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Will my countertop have a seam?

We strive to fabricate countertops with as few seams as possible. However, due to lengh of the stone or size of the countertop seams might be unavoidable. Our technicians are trained to conceal the seams as best as possible, making them virtually undetectable.

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Why are some stones more expensive than others?

The price of stone is most often determined by rarity and availability. If the supply of a particular color is low, the price is likely to be higher. Since we have partnered with quarries around the world, we supply the most exclusive materials at the best price.