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MATERIAL: Porcelain

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Porcelain slabs are the best choice for areas where natural stone is not practical in application, such as bathroom walls, flooring, fireplace surrounds, backsplashes and much more. Because porcelain is thinner than natural stone, it weighs far less and can be installed with ease in full slab size in almost any desirable location of the home.It is also virtually maintenance-free and requires no special care, such as sealing and will maintain its elegant look for years to come. Porcelain is resistant to stains, as well as extreme heat, scratches, and chips. It can be used in high and low traffic areas alike in both commercial and residential projects.Porcelain is a man-made material; with limitless color and style options, it is one material that is guaranteed to match any home décor scheme. Most often it is created to resemble natural stone, available in both veiny and solid colors, and can be a great addition to compliment other stone surfaces. Both single slabs and book matched options are available, for large scale design projects, such as shower walls, accent walls or for any commercial applications.Since porcelain slabs are so easy to work with and can be installed in full slabs or customized to suit your home improvement needs. There are fewer seams and grout lines that are required when installing this material. In addition to this factor porcelain is also a big money saver, it is often far cheaper to install full slabs on this manufactured stone substitute than any of its counterparts.

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