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What is the Most Popular Edge for Quartz Countertops

Written by Castor Syro on July 20, 2023
Edited By Jorelle Baker, Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Cabrini Rudnicki
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What Is a Countertop Edge?

In the simplest terms, a countertop edge is the literal edge of a countertop. A more descriptive definition is that countertop edges are shaped into specific styles and designs which provide an artistic and practical application to the countertop.

What is the Point of A Countertop Edge?

Countertop edging may seem like just a stylish addition when installing a countertop, but they actually serve a practice purpose in the kitchen and bathroom.


When countertops were first installed, they had rough edges with sharp corners. If or when someone bumped into these corners, it would hurt a lot since quartz stone is much harder than muscle and bone. The risk becomes higher if there are children running around and they run full speed into a countertop edge, possibly drawing blood or develop a concussion.

Having a rounded edge reduces the risk of injury or getting caught on a sharp edge.


Depending on the type of edging used, it can protect the floors and cabinets underneath the countertop. Kitchen messes are very common, and a customized edge can prevent water from falling directly onto the cabinets below, as well as catching more liquid before it falls on the floor.

Adds Depth

For thin stone countertops, having an edge installed can make the countertop look thicker than it actually is. It is a pleasant aesthetic choice to make the countertop feel bigger and more impressive to those communities where thicker countertops are seen as a symbol of higher financial wealth and status.

Aesthetic Appeal

Shaping a countertop edge will have the same reason as installing a quartz countertop in the first place, because it looks good. If there is a certain style or edging design you like, then it would only make sense that you would want to add it into your home.




Types of Edging for Countertops

To understand the most popular options for quartz countertops, we should break down the different options available. There are three main categories for quartz countertops, each of which can be viewed with our Countertop Edging Tool. Each edging style is organized as either Popular, Premium, or Laminate edging.

Popular Edges

Popular edges are very simple designs which are shaped directly to smooth out the countertop. These options can be included with the installation fee, making them free for you to choose. However, this option is not universal and must be checked with your quartz supplier. Popular edges effectively protect your cabinets and floors from spills and can be installed on both thick and thin countertops.

Premium Edges

As the name suggests, Premium edges are a higher classification of edging. The designs are more elaborate, making them stand out more when showing off your home. Premium edges protect the cabinets and floors well but will cost more to install as they are seen as an upgrade to Popular edges. This means you will have to pay an extra price to have them done.

Laminate Edges

Laminate edges are the most expensive option as they are a combination of two other edging types. This option gives you the most customization as you can combine any two popular or premium edges together to create a new edge just for your countertop. It has all the same benefits and protections as a Premium edge, but the cost will be more for the extra layering. It can only be used on thick countertops as the edge will have extra weight, and it will be a separate charge for installation.


Popular Edging

Premium Edging

Laminate Edging

Simple designs

Exotic designs

Exotic and custom designs

Protects cabinets effectively

Protects cabinets well

Combines 2 edges together

Good for thin and thick countertops

Thick countertops only

Possible for thick and thin countertops

Cost Effective

Costs more

Costs more

Possibly free with installation

Separate charge

Separate charge



10 Most Popular Edges for Quartz Countertops

Now that you know the basic understanding of countertop edging and the different styles, we can get into the main event of what are the top 10 most popular edging styles for quartz countertops.

1. Straight

The Straight edge is a great style for kitchens, bathrooms, bars, and any other room in the house. It is a Popular edge and very easy to shape during the fabrication process. The smooth and sleek design gives the illusion of a fine-pointed edge but will feel smooth and gentle to the touch.

2. Half Bevel

The Half Bevel edge is a wonderful way to add some extra design to a countertop without having a straight and uniform look. The Half Bevel is another Popular style which won’t cost you extra to install with us at and provides extra protection for cabinets with the smooth slant for liquids to run off.

3. Quarter Round

The slight curve of the Quarter Round edge will make your countertop appear thicker than it actually is. This is the perfect style for traditional and modern kitchen and bathroom designs. The Quarter Bevel is another Popular edging option, making it easily affordable to all families.

4. Full Bullnose

The Full Bullnose edge is a rounded edge that is great for all bathrooms and kitchens. This Popular edge has a timeless look that has a soft and fully rounded side where you can slide against it without risk of injury.

5. Ogee

Ogee is one of the most popular Premium edges homeowners wish to upgrade to with quartz countertops. The Ogee edge has a unique S-shaped curse that gives it a classical look that feels fun and exciting for the modern day.

6. Dupont

The Dupont Premium edge offers a look of universal luxury and is the perfect style for any kitchen and bathroom countertop. This edge will cost you a bit extra to install, but the smooth and elegant lines in its shape will always be a delight for yourself and your guests.

7. Cove Dupont

The Cove Dupont Premium edge has a beautiful crescent curve that leads into a 90-degree angle with a rounded bottom. This edge provides a classic and refined edge profile, capturing the imagination of the fabricators and placing it directly into the stone. You can’t get any nicer than the Cove Dupont for a finished edge.

8. Mitered

A Mitered edge is a Laminate edging style that is commonly used in rectangular countertops that join at a 45-degree angle. This specific angle forms a distinctive corner where Mitered edges can flourish to provide soft protection and appeal.

9. Laminate Bullnose

The Laminate Bullnose is, not surprisingly, a Laminate edge that takes the Bullnose edge and adds a rounded bottom for extra protection. The added volume and smoothness create the perfect illusion of having a thicker countertop than what is actually shown.

10. Round Straight 


When you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, there are many factors to consider regarding design, color, shape, texture, and theme. It can get really exhausting making sure these minor details are perfect and just the way you want them. One small detail that is often left out is the countertop edging.

Quartz countertops are beautiful to install and have risen in popularity with the advent of better technology to fabricate more stone designs. Quartz is easily customizable where a homeowner like yourself has a wide selection of edging options to choose from.

Not familiar with what a countertop edge is, when allow us at to explain it to you, along with several of the most popular edging options for quartz countertops.


The final most sought after countertop edge is the Round Straight Laminate edge. This simple and lovely edge design works well for every room in the house and can be installed with minimal extra cost. The combination also provides the countertop with a deeper look and will impress for years to come.



There you have it, the 10 most popular edging options you can install for your quartz countertops. Keep in mind that these options are just a limited number of other styles available on our website which you can review. Going through every edging option would take up a great deal of time, so feel free to check our edging tool to review the others we have available.

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