Countertop Edge Profiler


When shopping for your countertops it is important to consider your lifestyle, budget, and everyday must-haves. The same logic applies to choosing your countertop edges. Ultimately, the specific countertop edge you select for your project will affect the final price point, the maintenance level and longevity of your countertops, and the overall design scheme of your room.

Some popular countertop edges to consider are mitered edges, demi-bullnose edges, half bullnose edges, full bullnose edges, and beveled edges. Within these different categories are several opportunities for variation and customization to suit all of your needs. For example, you may love the look of sharp, clean lines in your bathroom vanity, but eventually find that rounded bullnose edges are much better for the safety of your young children. Each of these reliable options can add depth, strength, and style to your countertops while maintaining a universally flattering visual look and sophisticated framing.

From there, it is also possible to install premium countertop edges. These options range from the simple and elegant curved ogee edges to more high-fashion waterfall or Dupont profiles. It is important to ask yourself if you want your countertop edges to be a prominent feature in your space, or if you would rather have a simpler and less-noticeable finish that blends in with your existing decor.