Granite Countertops

granite Colonial Gold

Colonial Gold

granite Copacabana


granite Copenhagen


granite Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon

granite Boreal Granite

Boreal Granite

granite Atlantis Granite

Atlantis Granite

granite Absolute Black

Absolute Black

granite Absolute Black

Absolute Black

granite Amadeus White

Amadeus White

granite Golden Valley MG

Golden Valley MG

granite Delicatus Cream

Delicatus Cream

granite Alaska White

Alaska White

granite White Kinawa

White Kinawa

granite Tan Brown Granite

Tan Brown Granite

granite Cosmic Black

Cosmic Black

granite Salone Granite

Salone Granite

granite San Gabriel Black

San Gabriel Black

granite San Gabriel Black

San Gabriel Black

granite Ruby Velvet

Ruby Velvet

granite River White

River White

granite Netuno Bordeaux

Netuno Bordeaux

granite Costa Esmeralda

Costa Esmeralda

granite Costa Esmeralda

Costa Esmeralda

granite Costa Dakota

Costa Dakota

granite Coral Gold

Coral Gold

granite Copper Silk

Copper Silk

granite Butterfly Green

Butterfly Green

granite Black Thunder

Black Thunder

granite Sunset Gold

Sunset Gold

granite Black Galaxy

Black Galaxy

granite Giallo Ornamental

Giallo Ornamental

granite Giallo Ornamental

Giallo Ornamental

granite Giallo Vicenza

Giallo Vicenza

granite Rosewood


granite Romano Delicatus

Romano Delicatus

granite Green Ubatuba

Green Ubatuba

granite Green Dragon

Green Dragon

granite Venetian Gold

Venetian Gold

granite River Gold

River Gold

granite Shalimar Gold

Shalimar Gold

Granite is one of the best building materials that you will find for the home. Granite countertops are among the most popular types of countertops worldwide. Whether you are looking for kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, backsplashes, vanities or anything else, this natural stone is an excellent choice. Granite is a highly attractive, durable and easy to care for stone that will transform your home for the better. This stone comes in a seemingly endless amount of granite colors and styles for you to choose from. You are practically guaranteed to find something that you like when looking for granite countertops or other home fixtures. You will also get the benefit of a long-lasting surface that is not vulnerable to many types of damage if properly cared for. Whether you are searching for a countertop or any other structure to complete your home remodel, granite should be one of your top choices.

Your number of options is one of the many benefits you will receive from this top natural stone choice. Beyond that, granite is also very easy to maintain. All you need is a daily cleaner. to maintain a new look for your countertop You will only have to re-seal a granite countertop roughly every six months, depending on the specific type of granite. If you make the proper effort to take care of the stone, your granite surfaces can stay in top shape for many years.

Although no natural stone is cheap, granite slabs are among the less expensive options per square foot for natural stone surfaces. Keep in mind that this stone is of very high quality. Granite is not a material that is weak or easy to damage. In fact, granite scores a 7 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. When it comes to countertop materials, granite is truly a great option all around.

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