Countertop FAQ

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A combination of white, grey, and black colors, Viscont White granite creates a swirling coastal design with its surface.
The silver pearl granite is a natural stone that will cater to your interior needs.
Filling a wall joint gap with caulk provides a finished overall look between your countertop and backsplash.
This helpful guide will inform you how expensive marble countertops cost, as well as what factors contribute to the overall price, and tips to save you money.
A precise instructional guide on how to accurately measure and calculate quartz kitchen countertops without a professional. Including tips for rounded shapes.
A guide to help homeowners calculate the price of quartz countertops and explaining why they are so expensive to install in home; with tips on ways to save.
A detailed list of chemicals homeowners should not use on quartz countertops, as well as alternative solutions to keep quartz clean and healthy for a lifetime
This article aims to highlight the key differences between granite and marble countertops, simplifying their advantage, disadvantages, and fun facts for each.
A comprehensive and thorough guide on how to effectively clean Carrara marble countertops, as well as ways on keeping them healthy, and stain removal tips.
A comprehensive guide on highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing thick and thin marble countertops, as well as how to best use them
A step-by-step guide on how to completely remove burn stains and marks from marble kitchen and bathroom countertops, and how to avoid burn marks from forming.
A simple guideline showcasing how to make marble countertops shine by understanding the type of finish, polishing powders, and ways to keep marble shining.
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