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Get a countertop quote in less than a minute, in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Choose a stone

With over 2,000 colors of stone in stock for you to choose from here at, you’ll be sure to find a slab of your dreams for any home improvement project. When visiting one of our locations, you’ll have the unique opportunity to view full slabs and receive free samples. We recommend bringing a cabinet, tile, or paint sample during your visit, to ensure that the stone you’re selecting is complimentary to other elements in the room.

Step 2: Use Stone Visualizer

This tool allows you to interface with a virtual room, giving you access to countless stone options. With this stone visualizer tool, you won’t have any doubts with the stone you end up choosing since you'll be able to see the finished product of your home project. Depending on your sense of style or taste, you’ll be able to mix and match colors for any of your cabinets, and flooring to coordinate with your stone options, like backsplashes, kitchen islands, and more. The stone visualizer tool will save you the time and money you’ll be wasting from having to go back and forth between your home and your fabricator. The tool will back up your choices, a guarantee that the stone you’re looking for is the one that you’ll end up installing into your home.

Step 2: templating

After you’ve selected the ideal stone color for your project, it’s time to schedule a templating appointment. During this process, a trained technician will use industry leading laser technology to properly measure your countertop space. To ensure accuracy at the time of installation, please make sure all the cabinets are installed and leveled, and that all of the appliances, sinks and accessories are present at the day of templating.

Step 3: Final slab selection

When your template has been created, it’s time to confirm the layout of the project on the slab. If the stone you’ve selected has a varying pattern, we recommend a return visit to the stone yard and marking off which part of the slab will be used for your project. Within the next 3 business days, your stone will be installed and sealed. With our quick and easy process, you will have beautiful stone countertops to enjoy in your home for years to come!

Step 4: Get a Quote

Getting a quote now is easier than ever, choose one of our 3 convenient methods to receive an accurate estimate for any project. 1. Our Online Estimate Tool allows you to receive an instant quote in just minutes. 2. Email or fax our sales team, make sure to include project details such as drawings with dimensions, contact phone number and the address to receive the most accurate estimate. 3. Visit one of our locations to receive a quote in person - simply bring the layout of your project and our experienced sales staff will assist with any requests.

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