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What is a Waterfall Edge on a Countertop

Written by Castor Syro on July 07, 2023
Edited By Jorelle Baker, Last Updated On January 02, 2024
Reviewed By Angela Warren
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If you’re a homeowner or business owner who wants to upgrade their stone countertops with the perfect edge that captures the magic of nature while sophisticated stone design, then look no further than the waterfall edge.

While it may seem easy to dismiss the waterfall edge looking similar to a double bullnose edge, there is much more grace and beauty to this design than one would believe.

Allow us to take you through all the reasons why the waterfall edge should be your top choice when upgrading your stone countertops.


What is the Waterfall Edge

As the name suggests, the waterfall edge is a beautiful countertop edge that is meant to imitate the cascading appearance of flowing water down a stone stream. It is the glamorous design of watching a fountain of clear water running down smooth steps while making that comforting sound of splashing water.


What Does a Waterfall Edge Look like

The design has multiple rounded edges to perfectly capture the beauty of nature within your home. By incorporating it with a lovely marble, granite, or quartz stone, then you could have a direct extension of nature right in your home or office.


Other Waterfall Styles

There is also another style that has the same name as the waterfall edge. This style also emulates the style of a waterfall, but in a different direction. Waterfall edging is also where the countertop ends at a 90-degree angle and the stone continues downward until it reaches the floor. This style covers the complete side of the cabinets, island, or seating area while extending the view of your precious stone. This makes the countertop look like the stone is pouring over the side like a waterfall of shimmering stone.


What Type of Edge is Waterfall

The waterfall edge is a magnificent extension of the lavish tastes you crave as it is part of’s premium line of edging options. We have multiple types of popular, premium, and laminate options on our website which can be easily seen at any time.

Premium countertop edges are more than just a standard edging option. They are a luxurious upgrade to show you care for your countertops and want to make an impression as a homeowner or business owner. Waterfall will cost you more than a popular edge would, but less than a laminate edge. However, the price for waterfall is hard to pin down since it can depend on the project, stone being used, and availability of said stone. But when you are upgrading your countertop to fit your tastes, sometimes spending a little extra is worth the cost. And waterfall edges will never be a choice you will regret.


Where to Install a Waterfall Edge

Wherever you have a countertop, then the waterfall edge can be your go-to choice for customizing.


Kitchens are usually the first place a homeowner will consider installing a waterfall edge. Kitchens are usually so busy that there is little time to decorate it without things becoming greasy, dirty, or safe from hazards like fire or dust falling into the food. But an elegant waterfall edge on a kitchen countertop could be all you need to give those countertops some extra personality.

A kitchen island is most people’s favorite choice for both styles of a waterfall edging style. The 90-degree drop off option offers extra protection to the chairs, cabinets, and any legs seated underneath. The triple rounded style also adds some pizazz to the island, giving it its own feel and design separate from the regular countertop. Islands are a chance to make your kitchen stand out and surprise your guests with your interior design desires; adding a waterfall edge is the perfect chance to show everyone you value your kitchen.


Bathrooms are the next place where a waterfall edging would look absolutely divine. What is better than starting your morning with a lovely wash in the sink with a waterfall edge to gently lean against without worrying about a sharp corner or rough edge to bump against. It also fits the theme more accurately as the bathroom is primarily dealing with flowing or running water, so a waterfall edge would make a delightful addition.




Pros and Cons of Waterfall Edges

It would be hard to list every reason why a waterfall edge is the perfect choice, we will summarize the best we can, its advantages and disadvantages.


· Gorgeous Design: both the triple rounded edges and the 90-degree angle are gorgeous designs which will impress anyone who sees them. The accurate cutting and extension of stone makes it an instant favorite and a popular option when upgrading a countertop.

· Aesthetically Versatile: the waterfall edging styles can fit into any interior design scheme imaginable. When it is contemporary, minimalist, traditional, rustic or a combination of styles, the waterfall edge will always find a way to add to the room.

· Protected Cabinets: Both styles are well-suited for protecting the countertops thanks to their large overhang or extra layering. This means no matter which style you choose, your cabinets and floors will be safe from crumbs, water damage, or other messes that may occur.

· Property Value Increased: Not only will your guests and neighbors be impressed by the waterfall edges, but so will any realtor who inspects your home. If you ever consider selling your house, having waterfall edges will certainly increase the property value since it shows you put effort into valuing your home to be the best it can be.


· Expensive: The craftsmanship involved in making the waterfall designs can be costly if one is not prepared for the price. Waterfall edges are seen as an upgraded option, making them more costly to install. The price can increase more depending on what stone is being used with it and how much edging will be done.

· Extra Support: The triple edge and overhang will require additional support to keep them anchored in place. This could also increase the price as more material and hardware will be used to protect your cabinets.



What else can we say? The waterfall edges are some of the most beautiful designs you could have for your home or business. There is no getting around the fact that installation may get expensive, but when you are taking pride in your home or office, then sometimes the extra money is worth it. Plus, that investment will return to you if you ever plan to sell since your property value will increase once a reality company sees you went the extra mile to install them. Budget wisely, and you’ll never regret installing a waterfall countertop edge.

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