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On, our main goal is to properly educate homeowners on stone countertops and other stone features. There is plenty of information out there online on choosing and caring for countertop material, but not all of it is correct. Here at, we put proper, science-based information as our top priority so our readers can make the right choice for them. Read more about our process

What Do Quartz Countertops Look Like

What Do Quartz Countertops Look Like image
Quartz kitchen countertops are one of the standouts countertop options for kitchen and bathrooms. Their high durability and versatility allows it to be a reliable surface for home décor. One of the greatest benefits of quartz is how it can be customized with near limitless patterns and designs. They can come in beautiful shades of white, to deep dark colors, as well as multiple variations of the color spectrum. If there is a color y...

Pairing A Backsplash With White Quartz Countertops

Pairing A Backsplash With White Quartz Countertops image
  People love white quartz countertops. They look beautiful, add a touch of elegance to the room, and often mimic the iconic white stone of marble. When designing your kitchen, a fun additional customization option would be incorporating a backsplash to pair with your countertop. A backsplash can look like many things, depending on what you are thinking of installing and how you want your kitchen to appear. Let us go over why it is a g...

What Does A Kosher Kitchen Look Like

What Does A Kosher Kitchen Look Like image
         Designing a modern-day kosher kitchen is easier than ever with the latest kitchen appliance technology and limitless options for customization. The golden rule of keeping a kitchen kosher is making sure all meat and dairy products are completely separated. The best way of accomplishing this is to double everything: utensils, ovens, refrigerators, sinks and having extra-long countertop space. Having two of everyth...

Matching Oak Cabinets with Quartz Countertops

Matching Oak Cabinets with Quartz Countertops image
     Designing your kitchen requires a lot of planning on what you want it to look like. A big question to consider is what type of cabinets you have and what countertops you would like to install. Even more important is what countertop color matches well with your new cabinets?      A popular trend in home remodeling is installing oak cabinets with a quartz countertop. The combination of wood and artifi...

Colors of Quartz Countertops

Colors of Quartz Countertops image
  Choosing a color for your quartz countertops is not as easy as deciding what color to paint your bedroom. Quartz countertops are long-lasting and will probably be with the house for its lifetime. It’s a big decision and it can cost a lot of money to completely upend and remodel your countertop if the quartz you liked at first does not match the rest of the room. When deciding what color quartz you want to buy, take some time an...
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