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On, our main goal is to properly educate homeowners on stone countertops and other stone features. There is plenty of information out there online on choosing and caring for countertop material, but not all of it is correct. Here at, we put proper, science-based information as our top priority so our readers can make the right choice for them. Read more about our process

What is a Double Radius Countertop Edge

What is a Double Radius Countertop Edge image
    Finding the perfect edge for your kitchen or bathroom countertops can be a daunting task where there are a variety of options to choose from. While most edges are designed to flow well with most interior design schemes, they have the issue of feeling too bland or ordinary. That is why finding a special edge will help your countertops stand out among the dozens of others. If you want a countertop edge that has a remarkab...

What is the Most Popular Edge for Quartz Countertops

What is the Most Popular Edge for Quartz Countertops image
    When you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, there are many factors to consider regarding design, color, shape, texture, and theme. It can get really exhausting making sure these minor details are perfect and just the way you want them. One small detail that is often left out is the countertop edging. Quartz countertops are beautiful to install and have risen in popularity with the advent of better technology to fa...

What is a Waterfall Edge on a Countertop

What is a Waterfall Edge on a Countertop image
    If you’re a homeowner or business owner who wants to upgrade their stone countertops with the perfect edge that captures the magic of nature while sophisticated stone design, then look no further than the waterfall edge. While it may seem easy to dismiss the waterfall edge looking similar to a double bullnose edge, there is much more grace and beauty to this design than one would believe. Allow us to take you t...

How To Keep Quartz Countertops Shiny

How To Keep Quartz Countertops Shiny image
    Ever since the 1990’s, quartz countertops have seen a significant increase in the modern home. When one takes a moment to think about the many benefits of quartz as countertop material, it is easy to understand why it has become so popular. Its gorgeous designs and colors are complimented by their durability and high resistance to damage. However, there will come a time when a homeowner starts noticing their quart...

What To Do With Old Countertops

What To Do With Old Countertops image
    It is inevitable that countertops may fade over time. This is more likely to happen if they have not been taken care of properly and were left to fade from overuse or damage. When the time comes to deal with your old countertops, there are a couple of options a homeowner should be aware of, so they do not feel stuck with a useless lump of material. Table of Contents When Is It Time Options For Old Countertops U...

How to Prepare Cabinets for Granite Countertops

How to Prepare Cabinets for Granite Countertops image
    The day has finally arrived for your new granite countertops to be installed. You did all the proper research, you made a proper budget for the installation and labor, you know exactly what type of stone you are getting and the dimensions for it. The only thing left to do is wait for the granite laborers to come in and install the countertop, right? Well, before they show up, you should get your cabinets ready for the i...

How To Clean Stains from Slate Countertops

How To Clean Stains from Slate Countertops image
    It is an inevitability that unless a homeowner is constantly watching and cleaning their countertops, a stain will form eventually. It is a normal process of homeownership and living that through regular wear, tear, and active use that a stain will form on your precious kitchen or bathroom countertops. Thankfully, slate countertops are not too difficult to clean and have simple methods for removing stains. Due to their...

How Much Does Calacatta Gold Marble Cost

How Much Does Calacatta Gold Marble Cost image
    When a homeowner wants to purchase marble countertops, they want something that will live up to the hype of a good quality countertop that they can flaunt to their neighbors. Marble countertops come in several different colors, but the most exquisite marble stone on the market is Calacatta Gold marble. Calacatta Gold marble is the stone everyone wants in their homes, but they may not be aware of how much they will have...

How Durable Are Quartzite Countertops

How Durable Are Quartzite Countertops image
    Quartzite countertops may not always be the first choice in kitchen countertop design, but it has enough advantages that homeowners should take a closer look when designing their homes. Homeowners often choose granite, marble, and quartz for their countertop material, but quartzite is structurally stronger than those stones, without some of their weaknesses. For this article, we are going to explain how durable quartzit...

How Expensive Are Marble Countertops

How Expensive Are Marble Countertops image
  Depending on who you ask, marble countertops can be the best or worst choice to install in your kitchen. The rich history and beauty of marble is certainly appealing, but the high price tag and constant maintenance require more energy to keep it looking pristine. For many people, the aesthetic of having a marble countertop to show off how luxurious your home is, is worth the price. But what exactly is the price to install marble...
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