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What is an Eased Edge Countertop

Written by Jorelle Baker on July 18, 2023
Edited By Stephen Baez, Last Updated On July 28, 2023
Reviewed By Ross Kernez
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When it comes to choosing an edge for your countertop, there is one style that stands above the rest. While it is not the most attractive or exotic design, it is consistent, reliable, and something every homeowner can appreciate for its simplicity. This edge is known as the eased countertop edge.

The eased countertop edge is the standard edging option available to all countertops. It serves the purpose of giving your countertop and appealing design, without attracting too much attention. It is well-balanced and can work with any stone material in any available space.

To prove to you we are not just blowing smoke at you, let us explain why the eased countertop edge is the classic and more reliable option on the market, and one you should install in your home today.


What is the Eased Edge

Every edge has to start somewhere, and the eased edge is the most basic design you can have. It is square shaped with a slightly rounded top, creating a soft corner. The edge is gently curved where it is smooth to lean against, but firm enough to hold weight easily. The curve is approximately 1/8 inches, giving it an “eased in” design.


Eased Edge, Also Known As

The eased edge has gone by many names, all of which are accurate to its name. The eased edge is also known as:

· Straight edge

· Square edge

You may find these names while searching online, but they are all describing the same basic style and edging profile. Clear evidence that this edge is well known is that it is often described by multiple names.


Type of Edge

One of the best qualities of the eased edge is that it is one of (if not the most) widely used edges available on the market. Every stone manufacturing company can make this edging profile for you with little to no extra money. Some companies will include shaping your stone countertop with this edge for free when you purchase a stone slab. (Check your invoice or ask a customer representative if this option is available as it is not a universal rule for the industry).

The eased edge does not have all the fancy grooves and flourishes like other edging styles, giving you more countertop space. Typically, the more complex the design for the countertop, the more of the countertop will be shaved away. But the eased edge provides you with the maximum amount of countertop space while still having a smooth edge.


Where Can You Install the Eased Edge

With an edge this simple, you can practically install it anywhere and it will look good.

· Small Spaces: Tight on room, then installing it in a small room will save on space and create a clean line to easily fit through.

· Modern, Minimalist, Contemporary Rooms: There is no limit to where you can apply the eased edge. Many modern-day kitchens or bathrooms are looking for simpler spaces which the straight edge happily provides.

· Kitchens: Obviously, the best place for the straight / square / eased edge would be in the kitchen. This is the go-to place where stone countertops are most seen and will be admired by your guests.

· Bathrooms: Bathroom countertops are great for an eased edge since they do not minimize the amount of countertop space you need for all your toiletries.




Advantages of Eased Edges

There are so many benefits of having an eased countertop edge, that we wrote this article to highlight them for you. We know there was a lot to cover, so let us try to summarize them for you.

· Smooth: The soft and smooth edging of this style is gentle enough to lean against, while firm enough to know you are supported without worry. There are no awkward angles or grooves to fidget with since it is the most basic design possible.

· Maximizes Space: The straight edge only trims a miniscule section of the countertop to create the desired design. This allows you to have the most amount of countertop space without sacrificing it for customization.

· Easy to Clean: With minimal flourishes or indents to worry about, the straight edge is exceptionally easy to clean with nothing more than a soft cloth and some mild soap and water.

· Versatile Designs: The straight edge is simple enough to transition with any interior design kitchen or bathroom. There is no need to overthink how it can be used or where to use it since it will provide a delicate accent to the room by supporting the countertops’ colors and patterns.

· Affordable: The straight edge is one of, if not the most affordable edge available to obtain. It is the first option for any countertop installation, and some companies will provide this edge to you for free with a purchase of a stone slab.

· Looks Good: There is no denying that one of its best features is how simple and pleasant the straight edge looks. This edge adopts the adage that less is more as it does not require much customization to provide you everything you need.


Disadvantages of Eased Edges

Now we won’t lie to you saying the eased edge is perfect. Everything has its flaws, and the eased edge is no exception.

· Overused: The eased edge is so popular that it loops back around to being too ordinary. For homeowners who like having some excitement with their designs, the eased edge is too plain and basic for their tastes. Added how often it is used and it lets a homeowner feel like there is no originality to their countertop.

· Pointed Edge: While the eased edge gives you a slightly curved edge, it still provides a pointed edge which could catch loose clothing or provide a sharp corner where young children can accidentally bump their heads. Bumping into a corner could also be a little painful depending on the force of impact since it does have a pointed end instead of a smoother feel.

· Chipping: The surface is durable and reliably sturdy, but a hard impact can still cause it to chip and crack. Caution should be used when placing hot or heavy objects directly on the surface too quickly or hard to prevent damage.



Whether you want to call it the eased edge, straight edge, or square edge, this style is one of the best go-to options for anyone who wants a nice and simple countertop edge without the fancy bells and whistles. It is easily affordable, looks nice, and could be yours by calling and scheduling an appointment with us today.

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