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Before you make the important decision of purchasing a kitchen countertop, make sure you understand the different types of kitchen countertop materials and surfaces available for purchase.

Slab countertops are custom-made countertops made from a single slab of stone, cut to a specific shape for your project. The standard kitchen slab is typically between 9 and 10 feet in length and between 5 and 6 feet in height, although dimensions may vary. Most projects can be completed using one slab, but multiple cut pieces will be used. In countertop construction, seams can help adhere two different pieces of stone together. By purchasing a slab of natural stone, you can have just about any countertop shape as it will be custom cut and installed.

Let’s take a look at the many different types of stone kitchen countertops. There are many kitchen counter options available, natural stones, engineered stones, and much more. Let’s have a look at kitchen countertop material comparisons and options, and help you pick the best material for your project. Different materials for countertops will work for different lifestyles.

With the many countertop choices available, it can be difficult to decide on the right one for you, but with our helpful guides you can find the best type of kitchen countertop material options.

With these many types of materials for countertops, there are also different styles, corners, and edges that you can further customize your kitchen countertops with. Some of the most popular edges include straight, ¼ round, ¼ bevel, ¼ round t & b, half bullnose, and so much more. Shopping online countertops can be difficult, but with our virtual room designer and gallery images, you can easily get an idea of what the stone will look like in your room.

Beautiful kitchen countertops deserve love and attention from its homeowner. When picking countertops for a kitchen island, the surface should be both beautiful and durable. A kitchen island will take on a lot of wear-and-tear, and you want to make sure your countertop material can handle the pressure. With the proper care and attention, your counter surface will shine for years to come. However, it is important to note that it is impossible to build a kitchen countertop yourself. This is not a DIY project, and instead professionals are required to assist with installation. Making kitchen countertops for consumers is no easy task. Natural stone must be mined and formed into a slab. Kitchen remodel kits for homeowners to do themselves are not available.

Some of the most recommended stones for kitchen countertops will ensure you have a beautiful home for years. A kitchen countertop stone should be resistant to staining, scratching, and heat. There are many scratch resistant countertop materials. Durable countertops are a must for both amateur and professional chefs; no one wants to waste time babysitting their counters when you can be preparing a delicious meal. Make the best decision for your new kitchen countertops and kitchen countertops materials with help from our care guides. For most surfaces, all that is required is basic care and then the best kitchen countertop protectors like polish, sealant, or wax depends on the type of material. In particular, granite is one of the best countertop materials for kitchens as it is resistant to heat, staining, and scratching. A kitchen work surface should be clean, presentable, and durable. Countertops in the kitchen should be durable, and capable of withstanding high temperatures.

You spend a lot of time with your at-home countertops, so it should be cared for properly. If you are looking for a no maintenance or low maintenance kitchen countertop, we recommend any of our natural stone options. To care for stone top countertops, typically all that is required is a daily wipe down with a basic cleaner as well as periodic resealing. To care for your kitchen surface material, be aware of the ingredients in your cleaning products. For example, natural stone does not take kindly to acidic cleaners. There are a few things you should not store on the kitchen counter as it may damage the stone surface. Still, it is one of the lowest maintenance countertop materials.

For a kitchen counter stone, you want a material that can resist everyday wear and tear. Countertop products for cleaning and care are specifically designed to ensure your natural stone countertops stay as gorgeous as the first day you install them. Naturally found materials like marble or granite are common great countertop materials as they can withstand most types of damage.

There are a few ways you can ensure your countertop remains beautiful. For example, using a stove top splash guard splatter shield will help keep damaging liquids from touching your countertop surface. When cooking on countertops, you will want to protect the surface from heat even if the stone is known to be resistant to high temperatures. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Remember, kitchen and bathroom counters may require different care so be sure to do your research. To clean your natural stone, use a countertop solution cleaner of warm water and mild dish detergent.

In the last twenty years, the cost of basic countertops have lowered, and now kitchen countertops are more affordable than ever. Sometimes price is what is most important. More affordable stone kitchen countertops include granite and quartz. One of the cheapest countertop options is granite. Granite especially is one of the cheapest stone countertop options, however, price will vary greatly depending on a number of factors, so it is best to get your project appraised before diving in head first. It is one of the most popular kitchen countertop materials. On the low end, granite is one of the best value countertops as it goes for $35 to $100 per square foot. Although slightly more expensive, marble is one of the best stones for kitchen countertops. Although it is one of the more expensive countertop materials, it is well worth it.

Natural stone is one of the top options to buy. For natural stones, you do not need a countertop protector mat or other physical kitchen counter protection as the stone itself is inherently durable with a chemical sealant.

In terms of engineered stone kitchen countertops, our top pick is quartz. Although not resistant to heat, it is still an excellent choice for those willing to put in a bit more effort and care. It is one of the cheapest ways to replace kitchen countertops.

Pricing for the best cheap, affordable countertop materials depends on the size of your space. The average kitchen countertop square footage can be determined by learning the average kitchen size, which is 225 square foot. In most kitchens, the average square foot of countertops is 30 feet. Of course, this will greatly vary depending on the amount of space you have available. Professional installers will help you determine the length of each countertop section. There is a stone countertop for every budget. The best inexpensive durable countertop material will still look expensive. We have some of the most economical and latest kitchen countertop options. The cheapest material is still remarkably beautiful. There are many cheap custom ideas for countertops.

Trying to find the best material for your home kitchen countertops?

Are you looking for kitchen countertop replacement options or countertop replacement ideas to your old, out-dated linoleum kitchen counters? Have you seen beautiful pictures of countertops on social media and thought it was impossible to have? Those kitchen counter images and kitchen countertop pictures can become your reality.

Social media is filled with pictures of kitchen countertops and backsplashes, and may make you eye your old, out-dated kitchen with a creative eye. Look no further! Custom designed countertops are best for individuals who have an exact image of what their dream kitchen looks like. There are many things you need to know before you buy kitchen countertop materials online.There is a countertop to go with every color cabinetry. Check out the newest countertop materials on the market on

All over social media, you have probably seen images of kitchen countertops worth drooling over. There is a perfect kitchen counter type for every home. The best material for kitchen countertops depends on a few factors including your budget, your lifestyle, and your aesthetic style. A custom kitchen countertop can bring your kitchen to the next level. Get the look of social media dream kitchen countertop pictures and have a luxurious countertop remodel.

Your home is your opportunity to get as creative as you desire, and your countertops are no exception. The best countertop material type is one that fits you and your personal style. New countertops, especially using new countertop materials, are one of the best home renovation projects to do to change up the look of your home. Not to mention, replacement kitchen countertops will add property value, increased functionality, and special aesthetic appeal to your home. Replace kitchen counters with a brand-new material that fits your lifestyle. Countertop designs are available for every personal style. You don’t need to use a sheet as an old kitchen countertop cover. Instead, get a brand new material installed.

While kitchen renovations can get expensive, that doesn’t mean you can’t find quality budget countertop ideas. These cheap and new kitchen countertop ideas will help you upgrade your kitchen countertops without breaking the bank. Countertop guides may scare you away from home renovation and make you think replacing kitchen countertops on a budget is an impossibility, but that is not the case. You may assume that inexpensive countertop materials and cheap countertop ideas are few and far between, but not here. Let’s have a look at some of the best cheap countertop ideas and replacements.

If you are looking to do a total home renovation, you most likely have found yourself wondering: what is the best material for kitchen countertops? What is the best kitchen countertop design? Well look no further. Your kitchen counter color should be complementary to other elements in your kitchen. One style option is to mix different countertops in one kitchen. For example, you can use different colors of the same material in different spots, or mix and match completely different kinds of materials. There are many countertop and backsplash combinations that use different stones but still look cohesive. Different countertop ideas will allow you to show every element of your personality.

Looking at kitchen countertops for sale may feel overwhelming. There’s so many options, how do you choose? Finding quality kitchen countertops cheap may feel impossible.

The term “countertops for less” doesn't mean lesser quality or beauty. Popular cheap countertop materials have beauty, brains, and brawn. There's great ideas for countertops for just about every personality and style, even on a budget. It is important to compare kitchen countertops to find the perfect material for you and your home. There are many kitchen countertop types. Marble and granite are some of the best counter styles and one of the most durable inexpensive kitchen countertop materials. In the last few years, there has been a spike in kitchen counter designs using natural stones. Although natural stones like granite and marble are not the cheapest countertop materials, it is not overly expensive either. Natural stones can also be finished to be a different texture. Your kitchen counter slabs surface can be honed, polished, or leathered.

The best surface for kitchen counters depends on your own personal taste. Using a unique countertop material will make your guests impressed every time they come over. For example, you can use specific countertops for islands, giving that extra piece some pizazz which will make it the center of attention.

Cheap durable countertops may sound like an oxymoron, but that is not true. Pricing for different kinds of countertop materials depend on rarity, shipping costs, and manufacturing costs. Be sure to get a proper appraisal on your project from our expert team. Inexpensive kitchen counters can still look glamorous and luxurious. You don’t always need to spend a pretty penny to renovate your stone counter. You don’t need a brand new whole kitchen set to bring something new to your home. Learn how to update countertops without replacing them completely by updating only parts of your kitchen rather than the entire area. Budget friendly kitchen countertops will depend on a variety of factors, including shipping, rarity and finish. For less expensive countertop options, consider using granite.

There are many ideas for kitchen counters available online, which may make you feel a bit overwhelmed. You use your kitchen counters for everything, from eating to entertaining, so you want it to be perfect. Let’s take a look at different popular types of kitchen counters. Replacement countertop options will give your kitchen a new life.

On a budget? Here are some of the best cheap kitchen worktop or kitchen counter alternatives.

There are many kitchen countertop choices available on the market. Some of the best kitchen countertop ideas on a budget are the simplest. For example, a simple consistent patterned granite countertop paired with equally simple cabinets is a classic look and can help produce a kitchen that will never go out of style. In terms of colors, white is a popular kitchen countertop color. Some of the most popular kitchen counter styles feature light colored stone in order to bring light to a room. Cream countertops are a great option for someone looking to have a bright colored stone, but with a bit of warmth and friendliness to it. Use a color like grant beige for your kitchen to ensure neutral colors still look stylish. Light kitchen countertops will help make a room feel more spacious as light reflects on its polished surface.

The edging of your countertops can also be customized. Self edge countertops, straight, waterfall, full bullnose, and so much more.

Another idea is to use cheaper countertop materials in some areas and more expensive, intricate countertop materials in the center piece areas of your kitchen. There are many kitchen countertop colors to choose from, in every color you can imagine. Some of the best kitchen countertop color ideas are neutrals, which will allow you to easily mix and match the rest of your home design. You could also try intricate veining; these gorgeous patterns will impress even when guests look at kitchen counters close up.

There are many online guides to comparing countertop materials. One of the most important kitchen countertop comparisons is price. Even if you purchase a budget-friendly option, your countertops will not look cheap. Some of the best budget countertops still look expensive and luxurious. Cheap kitchen countertop ideas will not look their price if styled properly. Make sure your countertops stay properly cleaned and cared for following the manufacturer tips provided upon purchase. High end kitchen countertops will impress guests every time they come over. There are many great affordable countertop materials and ideas. Whatever your bank account looks like, there is an affordable kitchen countertop idea or kitchen counter material option for you.

Unique kitchen countertops alternatives and kitchen counter ideas can be hard to find. It may seem like just about every idea has been done before. There are many cool kitchen countertop ideas which will allow you to have a home that shows off your gorgeous personality. Remember that your kitchen should be a reflection of your personality. If you have been described as colorful and loud, maybe you should consider having a kitchen that is just as eclectic as you! Countertop kitchen appliances will shine on your brand new kitchen counter material and backsplash. Custom counters in your home will ensure your kitchen shines with your own unique personality. In terms of color countertops, you can’t go wrong with a pop of color as long as the rest of the decor is more neutral. Let a gorgeous stone take center stage in your home with a custom order countertop.

Looking for something trendy and contemporary to bring your out-dated kitchen into the 21st century? The newest kitchen countertop trends will make your kitchen the focal point of your home. Don’t ruin a gorgeous kitchen with cheap, low quality options like kitchen countertops stick ons. Get rid of those kitchen countertop covers and adorn this special surface with a brand new luxurious material. Contemporary kitchen countertops seek to enhance the other elements of your kitchen.

Some new countertop ideas try to fix what isn’t broken and create an aesthetic mess. You can’t go wrong with classics like marble or granite.

There are many kitchen types of various shapes and sizes including the following: l-shaped countertops, u-shaped countertops, galley kitchens, and much more. Whether creating a small counter for your kitchen or a mammoth-sized kitchen island, there is an option for you. Create the perfect amount of kitchen counter space for your lifestyle and cooking habits. For example, having a countertop cupboard will alleviate some of the storage issues that come with a waterfall edge counter. Whether you are an amateur baker or an expert chef, stone countertops in your kitchen is a must.

It can be difficult looking for counters for stores. Your countertop design will depend on how you intend to use it. For example, sale counter design ideas will differ from counters at a residential lot. Top stone countertops can be used for both residential and commercial areas. Looking for retail counter ideas? Look no further. Store counter sales and store counter ideas may feel rare as most guides assume that the reader is looking for residential counters. Countertops for retail stores should show off the merchandise in a non-distracting way. For example, use a kitchen countertop food display to show off baked goods in a cafe.

There are many style ideas to use stone in your kitchen. Kitchen countertop and backsplash combinations are a great way to be unique in your home decor. Kitchen counter with a backsplash, kitchen counters without a backsplash, the choice is yours. Stone can even be extended in your kitchen past your countertops, onto your kitchen tabletops, or as kitchen countertop islands or more. If you customize your kitchen countertop you can even have built in countertop appliances, like a cutting board or a microwave.

A kitchen counter replacement is one of the most popular home renovation projects, but you don’t have to stop at just your countertops. Another fun way to use stone materials is through matching your kitchen countertops and backsplash. Having the backsplash the same as the countertop will make your kitchen feel intentional. Kitchen counter sets will allow you to have a cohesive kitchen style. Whether looking to have a counter backsplash or not, your kitchen will shine.

Remember, kitchen counters and backsplashes are only two locations where stone features can be added to your home. Countertop stone pieces can be used in other places of the home as well, for example, fireplace surrounds or vanity tops. There are even outdoor countertop materials for sale.

Looking for kitchen stores near me? Stone countertops near me? Stone fabricators near me? We have it all. is not just a regular counter sale site. Find gorgeous custom countertops online.

Are you stuck wondering, “where are the best kitchen countertop materials for the money near me?” is one of the best kitchen counter material sellers in the United States with hundreds of countertop materials available for purchase. We are one of the best places to buy countertops, online and in-person at our many locations. We have a large collection of counters for sale.

Wondering what’s new in kitchen countertop suppliers? Luckily, kitchen countertops have become more and more available as trade routes expand. There are many different stone countertop types available from, not just marble. There are many different kinds of kitchen countertops, with specializing in different types of kitchen stone countertops. Countertops of every price range are represented, from inexpensive, cheap nice countertops to luxurious, expensive countertops. With our expert team, your dream custom stone countertop is just a click away. Order custom kitchen countertops styles online at A stone feature can be added to even the tiniest kitchens with small kitchen countertops, with a gorgeous granite adding the perfect charm to a 2x4 countertop.

Cheap stone countertops don’t need to look cheap. If you are looking for cheap countertop options for sale that still look expensive, look no further. Browse our site for the best kitchen countertop design ideas and kitchen countertop options cheap or on a budget. has a great selection of discount stone kitchen countertops that have expensive aesthetic quality. Retail store countertops will not have the charm and quality that customized natural stone kitchen countertop slabs will have.

Countertop suppliers will often try to nickel and dime consumers, but not At, our stone material is high quality. Check out the top kitchen countertops, cheap and expensive, for sale. Our top counter picks include granite, marble, and quartz. In terms of the type of countertop material and type of counters, there are both engineered stone countertops, manufactured countertops, and cheapest natural stone counters available for purchase on Our site’s large selection of countertop colors will ensure that you can perfectly match any home decor style. has many colors available for purchase. Whether you desire light white or beige countertops, dark black countertops, or colorful countertops, you will be covered. There are many countertop brands available for purchase on If you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, or Connecticut, shop local countertops at Some of the best deals on countertops could be right in your hometown.

Although you may be looking for discounted kitchen countertops, you still want high quality materials! Finding the best countertops on a budget is easy if you look at Don’t feel overwhelmed by the many countertop stone types and options, our experts can help you find the best material for you.

It can be difficult finding a counter store near you that serves both your aesthetic interests and your wallet. Kitchen countertop sale stores may try to nickel and dime you and give you lesser quality materials, but at we ensure that the price is fair and the material is beautiful. Countertops don’t need to break the bank. Inexpensive countertops that look expensive for the kitchen are easy to find, especially with the many different kinds of materials available for purchase on Even the cheapest kitchen countertop options available for purchase on still look gorgeous and luxurious. Discover beautiful granite, marble, quartz and so many more countertop materials for sale. We have speciality crafted countertops, cared for by experts at every level of production.

Counters pictures and other home stone renovation ideas are available in our gallery. Our countertop images in the gallery will help inspire you to design your perfect kitchen. In our gallery, we even have blue kitchen countertop pictures. There’s a color for everyone. Kitchen counter photos on will show you the many options available to be purchased. From neutral shades to rainbow colors, there is so much you can do. Check out our many countertop photos.

Replacing countertops may seem like a daunting task, but with the right professional team of designers, fabricators, and installers, you can have your dream kitchen within weeks.

If buying countertops online is not your cup of tea, we have multiple stone yards across the tri-state area. Our countertop warehouse takes the form of a natural stone slab, giving the customer the ability to pick the perfect stone for them. has multiple stone slab yards throughout the northeastern United States. At our many locations, featuring expert staff and a kitchen countertop showroom, find the perfect counter slab for your project. While you can peruse countertops online, we recommend coming into our slab yards to specifically pick the perfect slab for your project. One of our top tips for visiting a stone slab yard is to take home a kitchen counter sample so you can see how the stone color looks in the lighting in your home. Location specific countertop deals are available at each of our stone yards.

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