Countertop Care and Maintenance

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A detailed explanation how cold temperatures effect indoor quartz countertops. As well as quartz temperature limitations and ways to protect your quartz.
A detailed guide on how to clean Cambria indoor quartz countertops. Including daily cleaning tips, removing stains, prevention methods, and chemicals to avoid
A guide on how to properly clean and prevent stains from forming on Silestone indoor quartz countertops. Including what chemicals to avoid on Silestone quartz
A guide on how to remove paint stains from indoor quartz countertops, including different types of paint, removing wet and dry paint, and chemicals to avoid.
A how to guide on removing hair dye chemicals from indoor quartz countertops. As well as information on prevention methods and harsh chemicals to avoid using.
A detailed explanation on removing hard water stains and water rings from quartz countertops without using harsh chemicals, including prevention methods.
A guide on how to effectively and chemically remove rust stains from indoor quartz kitchen countertops without harsh cleaners. As well as prevention methods.
Instructions on how to properly shine your kitchen and bathroom quartz countertops. Including recommended products, chemicals to avoid, and healthy tips.
This is an instructional guide on how to properly clean marble countertops and vanities specifically on the bathroom. As well as removing stains and burns.
This article will teach you how to properly clean slate kitchen and bathroom countertops, while providing you tips on keeping them healthy for a long time.
A simple guide on how to clean and remove stains from slate countertops, and tips on how to keep them clean and what to avoid using on slate countertop
Skip the mess of looking online and get direct answers on how to protect your white quartz countertops from damage, as well as products and items to avoid.
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