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How to Protect White Quartz Countertops

Written by Francis Resway on July 10, 2023
Edited By Castor Syro, Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Cabrini Rudnicki
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Installing white quartz countertops can be one of the biggest and most lucrative decisions you can make when upgrading your home. Quartz is sturdy enough to outlast other natural stones on the market, as well as impress your guests and possible realty agents in case you wish to sell in the future.

Like all good things, a homeowner must take care of their precious home to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Quartz is hardy, but it can still be damaged or broken if neglected or improperly maintained.

Make sure your white quartz countertops are always the healthiest they can be by following our guide.


How Strong is Quartz?

Quartz stone is quite strong even before it is fabricated and reinforced into manufactured slabs. Raw quartz stone is a hard, crystalline mineral composed of silica (a combination of silicone and oxygen.)

Quartz is developed when hot, molten rock crystallizes and solidifies within the Earth’s plates. The crystallized rock rises to the surface, allowing us to mine it out and use it for several applications like countertops, electronics, watches, decoration, and more.


How Are Quartz Slabs Made?

Quartz slabs are fabricated differently from natural stones like marble or granite. Quartz is a combination of the quartz mineral being pressed and glued together with resin. The stone is hardened and dyed to create bountiful colors which can mimic dozens of stones while possessing unique designs.

High-quality quartz countertop slabs are made with 90-93% quartz mineral, with the remaining percentage being the resin used to bind it together.

The slab is sealed tight before distribution, so it is automatically protected, only needing to be shaped to fit the specific project.




What Can Damage White Quartz?

While the color of quartz does not affect its overall durability, white quartz tends to show stains and spills more easily. That is why a homeowner must take caution caring for white quartz to avoid it becoming harmed.


Abrasive Scrubs

Heavy scrubbing materials like steel wool, rough sponges, or dry cloth may not seem capable of damaging stone, but the abrasive materials can etch the stone’s sheen. Thick scrubbers are designed to pick off stains or trapped food, but applying too much pressure can slowly degrade the stone to create divots or small wedges on the surface. Food and acidic material can become trapped in these grooves which will cause further damage via stains or erosion.


Strong Cleaners

Strong or harsh cleaning agents like bleach, ammonia, grout remover, or stain removers are too much for any stone material to handle. While bleach can keep your white quartz bright white, it may permanently dye your countertop a different color of white which does not match your quartz.

These cleaners are also capable of etching the stone to dull its luster and leave small grooves on the surface to cause future damage.


Physical Damage

It is unlikely you will damage quartz by striking it with your hand, but you can damage it by using a knife, hammer, or dragging heavy metal objects on the surface. One of the biggest strengths of quartz countertops is how resistant it is to scratches and chipping, but that does not mean it cannot be scratched or broken.

Mistreating your white quartz countertop by directly cutting food on the surface, striking it with a hammer, scraping or dragging metal objects on the surface without protection will eventually wear away the protective layer on the stone and form cuts and cracks. If too much pressure is applied on an already damaged section, it could easily break.



Due to the specific nature of how quartz is formed, the mineral is very resistant to heat. This equates to quartz slabs as well having a high heat resistance.

However, common household appliances are capable of leaving burn marks or stains on quartz countertops which can be difficult to remove. Burn marks will appear stronger on white quartz countertops. Appliances such as curling irons, hot metal pots and pans, or any other high temperature object resting directly on the countertop can leave burn marks.

One of the biggest concerns with burns with white quartz is not damage to the stone itself, but to the resin binding the stone together. While quartz is heat resistant, the resin itself is not and will lose its integrity at high temperatures. Once the resin becomes malleable, the quartz can start falling apart.



Stains are an unsightly blemish to white quartz countertops. They give the impression of a dirty space or an absentminded mistake. Depending on the stain, it can be difficult to remove, especially if left to sit for a long time. Dark stains are even more noticeable on white quartz as it paints a giant, “I’m dirty” sign without a way for you to avoid it.


Ways to Protect White Quartz Countertops

Thankfully, quartz countertops are exceptionally easy to maintain. It does not matter if it is white, black, blue, or green; quartz stone is designed for the modern kitchen and bathroom where messes are common.


Properly Cleaning

Spotting a spill on white quartz is much easier than any other color since it will stand out against a blank background. Black quartz can hide dirt well, but white quartz highlights dirt for quick recognition for immediate action.

Cleaning quartz countertops is amazingly simple by following a few short steps. By using a bucket of warm water, a soft or mild dish soap, and a soft microfiber cloth or rag, cleaning messes is a simple wipe down and dry.

Be sure to use a separate soft cloth to dry the countertop. Leaving water to evaporate naturally can cause hard water / mineral stains to appear.


Clean Regularly

Cleaning white quartz countertops on a regular schedule will keep them healthy for years to come. Schedule time once a week to deep clean the countertop of any and all spills you might have missed.



Using items such as coasters, trivets, cutting boards, trays, hot pads, or toiletry holders will protect your white quartz countertops from damage.

· Coasters prevent water rings or stains forming from cups or mugs.

· Trivets and cutting boards prevent scratches from knives or sharp objects.

· Hot pads provide extra protection to the resin to keep it from warping.

· Bathroom kits and holders will protect stains from forming from a drying toothbrush.

· Towels and placemats can prevent stains from food, paint, or other chemical spills.


Remove Spills Quickly

Accidents will happen where something spills on the countertops. There is no avoiding it and there is no way of preventing it from happening 100% of the time. That is why cleaning up spills when they happen as quickly as possible is the best option to keep your white quartz countertops safe. The faster a spill can be removed, the chances of forming a stain significantly decrease.


Proper Stain Removal

Removing a stain from quartz countertops is not that difficult since quartz is designed for easy maintenance. Depending on the type of stain and how wide it is, it might be beneficial to use a diluted stain remover like rubbing alcohol or a poultice made from baking soda to remove the blemish. These chemical cleaners can be safe to use on quartz countertops, but double check with the quartz supplier to make sure these products are safe to use.


Quartz Specific Cleaners

Many companies have cleaning products specifically designed for quartz countertops. For example, Stonetech has a quartz cleaner that will clean up spills and keep the countertop shining all in one. Contacting the quartz supplier and listening to their recommendation on upkeep is the best option for anyone who is unsure of what to use for their countertop.




Quartz Stone Benefits

Quartz stone is a great stone to install in your home because it has some of the best advantages any homeowner would want for their kitchen or bathroom.

· Hardness rating of 7 / 10, giving it superb strength and resistance to basic damage.

· Scratch resistance rating of 9 / 10.

· Stain resistance rating of 10 / 10.

· Chip resistance rating of 8 / 10.

· Heat resistance rating of 9 / 10.

· Non-porous as it is automatically sealed during the manufacturing process.

· Easy to maintain due to its automatic protective layering.

· Does not require sealing

· Comes in a variety of unique colors and designs.



White quartz countertops are absolutely delightful to have in the home. They look amazing, merge well with any interior design style, can serve as a centerpiece or accent to its room, and provide plenty of durability to last for years. Follow our guide and your white quartz countertops will be with you for a long time.

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