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Stained your counter? The experts at can help. With these tips you can easily remove stains from your marble, granite or other natural stone counter.
Removing scratches from your marble is an easy process. Find out what steps you can take to remove scratches and restore the stone’s shine.
Marble is elegant, versatile and durable, yet still capable of being damaged. Keep in mind these maintenance tips to keep your marble looking great.
Master the art of cleaning and maintaining quartz countertops in the kitchen and bathroom. View tips for everyday cleaning and learn to fight tough stains.
Properly maintaining your granite will go a long way toward keeping your countertop in great shape. Find out how to adequately maintain your granite.
Knowing how to care for and protect natural stone is crucial for preserving its beauty. Discover how to keep your stone looking great for many years to come.
Since no two granites are exactly alike, one may be absorbent while another may be resistant. Discover whether or not you should seal your counters.
Waxing is an important part of caring for your granite countertops. Learn how to wax and various other steps for keeping your granite beautiful.
Natural stone countertops like granite and marble are impressively strong materials, however, it doesn't mean they are impervious to chipping.
Granite is one of the toughest natural stone surfaces you can have in your home. Find out everything you will need to know about granite stains.
Granite is one of the most durable natural stones in the world. However, despite the rugged nature of granite, it can still chip if a pan falls onto it.
Develop a baseline understanding of what countertop refinishing entails and what considerations you'll need to make before you decide to refinish or buy new.
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