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Quartzite is one of the most beautiful stone materials you can use for your kitchen countertops. It is a fantastic natural stone that offers great benefits to homeowners in terms of durability and style. You may be wondering about natural quartzite countertop pros and cons, but fortunately, there are many pros and almost no cons!

Are you wondering about the definition of quartzite? Is quartzite a natural stone? There is a lot of quartzite information out there, and it can be hard to determine what is true and what is false. When you see pictures of quartzite rocks, you may find yourself wondering how it gets from there to your home as a beautiful stone feature.

The journey to get your quartzite countertop and quartzite slabs is a great one. Natural quartzite is formed as a result of sandstone with high quartz content being exposed to high amounts of heat or pressure. One fun quartzite fact is that it contains at least 90 percent quartz. While quartzite is a natural stone and contains naturally found quartz, remember that quartz used in construction is engineered and has different care instructions. Quartzite is mined throughout the world, with Brazilian quartzite being particularly well-loved. Brazilian quartzite countertops will definitely stand out.

Quartzite characteristics are highly regarded. Quartzite stone is incredibly durable and is one of our top picks for materials if durability is important to you. Quartzite counters will not disappoint. While there are many colors, each one is as durable as the last. Super white quartzite durability will be similar to other colors and types of quartzite’s durability. Fantasy brown quartzite durability is very similar to the other colors as well. For example, Taj Mahal quartzite maintenance is similar to other quartzite colors.

There are many different types of quartzite countertops in terms of shape. At Marble.com, a custom shape and size can be created using a quartzite slab.

There are many different quartzite colors for countertops. Quartzite slab colors are diverse and beautiful. Typically, white quartzite countertops or gray quartzite countertops are the most common type of quartzite countertops. White quartzite countertops will bring some light to your room, while grey quartzite countertops will help your kitchen shine but in a more subdued way.

Quartzite, like other natural stones, can be finished to be different textures. For example, consider leathered quartzite countertops to stand out from the pack. Quartzite pictures can look vastly different as many colors, finishes and edges can be created. A standard quartzite slab size can cover an entire countertop project, however, in order to properly match up designs, multiple pieces will be cut from a slab and then may be adhered together using a seam. Cutting quartzite is often necessary in order to transport or properly design your countertops.

While we highly recommend quartzite for countertops, quartzite would work well in multiple places in your home as it is a highly durable material. Consider a gorgeous quartzite kitchen or bathroom countertop, a quartzite vanity top, a quartzite backsplash, or even a quartzite outdoor decor. Quartzite worktops work extremely well as it is resistant to most types of damage and can handle even your toughest days. Having a quartzite kitchen countertop is a great choice especially if you cook or bake often. Quartzite bathroom countertops are also a great idea, as they can remain resistant to water damage.

In terms of quartzite maintenance, it is remarkably easy to care for. All that is required is warm water and a mild dish detergent to wipe down your quartzite counters’ surface.

Quartzite prices typically start at around $60 per square foot but may cost more depending on other factors like rarity. While you can purchase prefab quartzite countertops, we do not recommend them, as you can not ensure that the countertops are perfect for you and your lifestyle. Quartzite countertop prices will depend on how large your kitchen is, and quartzite slab prices will depend on rarity.

Our top picks are White Macaubas quartzite countertops, a pristine grey and white natural stone that can enhance just about any home decor style. Emerald Quartzite Dark, a stone with peaceful patterns of emerald and jade, would make a gorgeous green quartzite countertop. Fantasy Blue quartzite features multiple veins with different colors of sedimentary compound, from blue to grey to white. We have plenty of quartzite countertop colors available, from beige to brown to even purple, green, or orange quartzite or yellow quartzite. Natural quartzite countertops will impress for years to come. There are many colors of quartzite countertops to choose from.

There are many ways to style quartzite countertops. White pearl quartzite countertops or white fantasy quartzite countertops would look fantastic next to similarly toned white cabinets. Classic white kitchen quartzite countertops will never go out of style. Arctic white quartzite countertops would look fantastic next to stainless steel appliances, allowing the grey veining to come through. A quartzite sink countertop can add something special to your home.

Buy quartzite countertops and other stone features from Marble.com. If you are looking for quartzite countertops near you, consider visiting a Marble.com stone yard. We have gorgeous, high-quality quartzite for sale. On our website, we even have an excellent gallery of pictures of quartzite kitchen countertops and other stone feature quartzite images. A quartzite kitchen counter will always impress.

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