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A Natural Symphony in Stone

In tune with environmental consciousness, more architects nowadays design around resonant geological forms to connect to the natural environment.

Mistakes to Avoid and Other Tips in Home Design

There are a few common mistakes that homeowners can avoid when getting ready to completely re-design their new home or do some remodeling. Interior design can seem difficult at first but these tips can help you avoid making these common mistakes. You want a unified, beautiful and functional home that will be inviting.

Combining Multiple Countertop Materials

Combining stone with other materials is becoming popular. The designer needs to study the materials to be used and fully understand their respective properties. Expansion, wearablity, installation specifications, slip resistance, refinishing and maintenance requirements ar important requirements.

Home Remodeling Cost Guide

The cost of any remodeling project depends upon size and scope. It's key to know the size of your area and how significant you want the changes to be.