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Why are Granite Countertops so Popular?

by Marissa Sese

Posted on July 04, 2018 09:16:39 AM

Granite is one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops. Even though Quartz has been on the rise due to its durability and low-maintenance, many people still choose granite. Why is granite a top choice for kitchen countertops?


Absolute Black granite countertops

It’s Strength


A major reason granite is chosen for applications in the kitchen is its incredible strength. It is a tough stone and will last you a lifetime. On the Moh scale, granite is at a 6-8 depending on the stone, while marble is at a low 4-6 depending on the stone. Marble has a unique look, but the softness of the stone makes it a bad choice for certain areas. Granite is a great choice for almost any room you choose to install it.


If you think of all the famous structures that were built with this stone and how they are still standing after so many years, then you will know that this stone is strong enough to test the hands of time. For example, Mount Rushmore was carved from granite. This monument was first started in 1934 and is still a site to see.


Because granite is so strong, it works in any application you choose in your home and outside your home. Heavy-duty kitchens with large households, bathroom vanity tops, fireplace surround, and even outdoor kitchens are areas where granite is a perfect choice.


The many colors available


Forming in the earth itself, granite contains a number of minerals. Every stone is different, so you are sure to have a unique piece. The mineral composition of the granite is the reason why granite has unique colors. Granite contains quartz, feldspar, mica, and many other materials. Some granite slabs have more or less of each of these materials, which create the different shades and textures you see in each granite stone type.


Granite colors can go from backgrounds of white to backgrounds of black and every other color in between. A popular white granite stone is River White granite. Its background is white and has shades of gray and maroon spots spread throughout its surface.


Yellow River granite countertops


A popular black colored granite is Absolute black granite. This granite is primarily black and has tiny little spots of white dispersed throughout its surface. This granite will make a bold statement and will bring a glamorous look to the room.

Granite also comes in other colors and exotic tones. Van Gogh granite is a gorgeous granite stone that looks like a work of art, with bold colors like blue, turquoise, yellow, brown, and even gold. Its name comes from Van Gogh, the famous painter, and for good reason. Take a look at this gorgeous stone below.



A natural look that can’t be copied


Because granite is all natural and created from Mother Nature herself, the patterns, striations, spots, and speckles within each stone cannot be duplicated. Every slab you look at will be different from each other, making each countertop a unique piece. When you go to a slab yard, you will view the full slabs of stones, while choosing exactly what part of the stone you want in your home. Some areas of the slab can have less or more patterning than another area. This is why visiting a slab yard is one of the most important steps in kitchen remodeling.




Most natural stones are porous and some more than others. Marble is highly porous and is known to stain and etch easily, especially the lighter varieties. Some homeowners still choose to install this stone in their kitchens because white marble is just so lovely. But, if they want to keep those countertops as clean as the day they installed them, serious care has to go into this stone. Sealing up to four times per year is essential and wiping up any liquid spills ASAP is crucial to keeping this stone looking fresh. It’s a tough stone to keep.


Granite, on the other hand, allows you to breathe easier. It is not as porous as marble, so it doesn’t soak up liquids as fast. You also do not have to seal this stone as often. Two times per year is sufficient. You can even use a daily cleaner that has a little bit of sealer in it for some extra sealing power.

Granite definitely has many qualities. That's why it is one of the most used natural stone materials in the industry. Granite will enhance your kitchen and create a room that will work for you and your preferences. If you want a modern, contemporary, or even an eclectic style, there are tons of granite stone colors available to choose from. It’s everyone’s favorite kitchen countertop stone!