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Top 5 Granite Countertops

by Daniel Morrell

Posted on January 01, 1970 12:00:00 AM

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Here at, we’ve seen some of our favorites granite kitchen counter projects of all time in 2015 and we’d like to share them with you! We hope that you are inspired to make the changes to your kitchen that have been on the back burner. Let's get started.

Bianco Antico Granite

Biano Antico Granite Countertops Bianco Antico Granite Countertop Material Bianco Antico

Bianco Antico is a beautiful and elegant white granite from Brazil. Known for having grey quartz deposits, hints of burgundy garnet, and black mica, Bianco Anitco is a versatile countertop surface. It's a great option for any kitchen countertop not only because of its durable nature but because it can match a wide range of decors. This L-shaped, traditional kitchen is designed with a cohesive color scheme that uses complimentary components, such as stainless steel appliances and white cabinets. Its timeless aesthetic is tied together by the gorgeous Bianco Anitco countertops that don't just look stunning on atop the kitchen island but also extend up as the backsplash. This bold design concept delivers a unique and striking décor.

Peregrine C Granite

Peregrine C kitchen granite countertopPeregrine C Granite Slab Material

Peregrine C Kitchen Countertops

Peregrine C is one of the most stylish and unique granites. Peregrine C is a popular choice for kitchen islands, perimeter countertops, and bar tops. Its light, golden shade features intricate black swirls that produce a wonderful sense of depth for this natural stone. Peregrine C fits perfectly with this kitchen’s rustic design theme. Its goldish brown hue compliments the sandy tile and breakfast bar chairs. Off-white cabinets help to establish the countryside vibe. The extensive surface space not only flatters the beautiful Peregrine C but allows plenty of room for preparing and serving meals.


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Colonial Gold Granite

Colonial Gold Granite Countertops Colonial gold granite kitchen countertop Granite Countertops

The speckles and veins of Colonial Gold granite make it an attractive choice for any kitchen. Its gorgeous golden shade is unique and luxurious. In this kitchen, the granite countertops are a core feature and focal design component. The Earth formed colonial Gold's beautiful, flowing contour over thousands of years. A half-bullnose edge on the perimeter countertops and the kitchen island allows the countertops to seamlessly blend. Wooden floors and white cabinets, with sleek hardware, complete this extraordinary kitchen design.

Tan Brown Granite

Tan Brown Granite Countertops Tan Brown Granite Kitchen Countertops Tan Brown Granite Countertops

Tan Brown Granite is a dark brown granite with beige speckling that occasionally features red and blue speckling. The brown and tan shades in this natural stone match with a variety of colors in this contemporary kitchen. The dark wood cherry cabinets paired with the light reds and pinks of the tile backsplash are a fantastic compliment to the beautiful Tan Brown granite. A two-tier island provides an efficient way to optimize the space for gatherings and daily activities. Because of the consistent pattern of Tan Brown, the multi-level island does not disturb the flow of the granite. The countertops allow for easy serving and clean up while keeping an open social atmosphere that is ideal for hosting.

Atlantis Granite

Atlantis Granite Kitchen Countertops Atlantis granite Kitchen Countertops Atlantis Granite Kitchen Countertops

Atlantis is a beautiful granite that has an off-white base with accents of gold, orange, and grey, along with internment brown speckling. Because Atlantis is a granite countertop, it is durable and can be used for a variety of applications such as kitchens and bathrooms, fireplaces, outdoor grilling areas, and bars. The Atlantis countertop that we see in this kitchen features an Ogee edge on the island and a quarter round along the perimeter. Using an Ogee edge on the mid-brown island provides a classic look because of its regal S-shape. Creams, golds, and browns flow through the countertop beautifully. The significant amount of countertop space provides a cook-friendly kitchen with plenty of workspaces. The island’s counter provides a great space to eat, prepare food, and entertain guests.

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