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Study Proves the Effectiveness of Cleaning Granite

by Daniel Morrell

Posted on January 12, 2018 07:00:00 AM

Study Shows Granite very Cleanable


A new study, funded by MIA, comparing four widely used countertop materials, and their ability to be cleaned, showed that granite, marble and engineered quartz surfaces are all easily cleaned to meet FDA surface sanitizer criteria of 5-log reduction pathogens on the surface.

The Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management in Minneapolis conducted the study comparing Dakota Mahogany Granite from South Dakota, Uba Tuba Granite from Brazil, Carrara White Marble from Italy and Snowdon White engineered stone by Cambria. None of the stones were "sealed" or otherwise treated.

The test organism used for the study, according to Dr. O. Peter Snyder, Jr. of the Hospitality Institute was E. coli A TTC #25922, a non-pathogenic E. coli. It was spread on each countertop surface and allowed to dry for 15 minutes. The surfaces were then cleaned by a variety of typical, everyday, household methods.

"Overall, there was no statistical difference in reduction after wash and rinse for any of the four surfaces," Dr. Snyder said. "This indicates that the differences in surfaces used in the tests did not make a significant food safety difference in cleanability."

"The prevention of cross contamination of pathogens on kitchen counters is very important to protecting the health of the family," said Gary Distelhorst, executive vice president and CEO of MIA, "The study shows conclusively that natural stone and engineered stone essentially have the same level of cleanability, which is important for consumers to know."