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Stone Spotlight: The Creamy Alaska White Granite

by Tim Sprague

Posted on February 22, 2018 07:00:00 AM

Alaska White granite is preferred by many within the natural stone industry for its classic mixture of glacial and silver hues, which gives a refreshing touch of frostiness that is hard to achieve with most other stone colors. Boasting dark, veiny patterns that range from light gray to black, Alaska White granite is a perfect choice when adding a new kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity to your household. Primarily imported from quarries in Brazil, Alaska white granite is great for modern household upgrades, so make sure to choose an Alaskan white granite slab with rich, black veins to help bolster your kitchen countertops with a classic, tasteful charm. There is hardly another stone color that can add a more refined, classy touch to these areas in your home.


Alaska White Granite Color

Alaska white granite is primarily white in color, with speckled veiny patterns running across the stone that is predominantly dark gray in color, with other variations ranging from light to medium gray and even dark brown and black. The creamy texture of the stone helps build an eye-catching attraction that blends exceptionally well with most other natural stone colors, making Alaska white granite highly desirable throughout the home and adaptable to most design styles.

Kitchen Concepts

Looking for a great design concept to enhance the aesthetic allure of your household kitchen? Look no further than using Alaska White granite for your kitchen countertops. Just imagine how inviting a cool, icy granite countertop will look in your contemporary kitchen design. This light granite also pairs immaculately well with crisp, white cabinetry, creating that stunning, modern look that is both attractive and refined.

Since Alaska white granite is so versatile, also consider pairing it with darker cabinetry to give a more elegant feel for a perfect kitchen design. A warm, inviting dark brown, wooden cabinetry concept is one of the more classic concepts when putting Alaska White granite on display and will help you achieve the type of sophistication and comfort your kitchen deserves. Or, imagine coming home every night to relax and admire stunning chocolate-brown cabinetry that compliments the allure of your stunning Alaska White granite kitchen countertops. The variations are simply endless when it comes to this stone!

Lastly, you’ll absolutely adore Alaska White granite atop a magnificent espresso island to give a charming feel for your exclusive kitchen design. Surround this smart island concept with oak kitchen cabinetry and create a masterpiece that even the most frugal budget can afford. After all, Alaska White granite is one of the more affordable stones the natural stone industry has to offer.

Bathroom Concepts

This beautiful stone also works well in any bathroom concept. The cool undertones and dark speckled shades will make your bathroom vanity more cultured and urbane, especially when blended with a white marble backsplash. The frosty undertones of this stunning light granite pairs excellently with most other stone colors throughout the bathroom area, giving you ample opportunity to make use of your marble tile floors and walls.