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Favorite Types of Quartzite

by Daniel Morrell

Posted on January 12, 2018 04:50:00 PM

The countertop selection process is an exciting time for homeowners! Countertops represent a considerable amount of your kitchen and bathroom’s visual landscape. It’s important to select a natural stone that will not only last for years, but that you’ll love for a long time as well. When it comes down to style and durability, quartzite is one of our most popular options at With numerous types of quartzites available in our massive inventory, you may feel a bit overwhelmed at first. However, many other countertop shops don’t even come close to the plentiful amount of choices we offer here. This article help you narrow down your choice by highlighting our favorite, and unique, quartzite countertops to help you decide on the perfect one for you.


Classic White Quartzite

As its name suggests, this stone is predominantly white with faint grey and black veins. It makes for a fantastic countertop option for both the kitchen and bathroom counters. Its luxurious elegance closely resembles that of marble, while offering increased durability. Homeowners and interior design professionals love quartzite because it bridges the gap between marble and granite countertops. You will still want to take preventative measures when maintaining it, like always using a cutting board and sealing your countertop twice per year with a safe product like Mr.Stone's Superior Zero Ultimate Stone Sealer.


Picasso Quartzite

This distinctive quartzite appears as the name suggests, like a Picasso painting. It is abstract and quite busy in appearance, with wavy lines and a variety of shapes throughout it. Picasso quartzite also quite colorful, and appears purple and beige in the right illumination. Since no two quartzite slabs are identical by nature, it is an one-of-a-kind just like a Picasso painting. Like other types of quartzite, it is also quite durable, so it is suitable for moderately busy kitchens, although granite is still the preferred option for more active areas. As with all other quartzite stones, proper precautions should be taken to keep the masterpiece you purchased looking fresh and new. Be sure to visit one of our facilities to see this amazing stone in person. You’ll be glad you did!


Taj Mahal Quartzite

Like the world-famous structure in India, this quartzite is white in shade with light coffee and gold color veining throughout it. With its sophisticated style, combined with its natural ruggedness, this stone should be a top contender for your quartzite kitchen or bathroom countertop.


Medusa Quartzite

Named for the ancient mythical creature, this unique quartzite is quarried in Brazil. It’s white in color, with distinctive gold and grey speckled patterns throughout. This uncommon quartzite is for those homeowners looking for something distinct and eye-catching.


Elegant Brown Quartzite

Elegantly dark brown in color, with lighter streaks throughout, this countertop is most suitable for those with dark brown cabinets who are looking for a uniform, Earth-toned appearance in their kitchen. Consider this quartzite for your island or backsplash. It’s great for creating a warm aesthetic.


Azul Macaubas

This stunning and exotic quartzite is light blue with white streaks. Like Picasso Quartzite, each slab of Azul Macubas is considered a work of art and will truly be an amazing visual addition to your home. The blue color appears like it was painted with a brush on a canvas, with lines, streaks, and swirls against its background. For a countertop this exotic, it’s best to reserve it to areas that won’t be used and abused too often. Although it is fairly durable, you will want to take extra precaution to preserve this quartzite’s integrity. Has the Largest Selection of Quartzite has an extensive selection of quartzite countertops. Our stock of over 200,000 different slabs of natural stone, features some of the rarest and most beautiful countertop materials from around the world, including exclusive varieties of quartzite. Our team locates the highest quality materials on the planet and imports it directly from the quarry into our stockyards, giving our customers the best prices possible. Visit today and speak with one of our knowledgeable team members to find out which quartzite stone is best for you!


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