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Written by Slab Market and Editorial Staffs on February 22, 2019
Edited By Marble Last Updated On February 28, 2023
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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Our stone slinging peer,, loves natural stone so much, especially marble, that they offered up a list of the best marble slabs we carry. At some point, we’re sure we’ll return the favor, but for now enjoy reading their Top 10 Marble Slabs from Slab Market.


#10 Rojo Alicante

For Italian marble, Rojo Alicante does a fantastic job of looking like it’s anything but. It has a distinct southwestern United States vibe to it, one that elicits a feeling of ancient native living. One of the more rugged looking marbles, the blend of brown and red, marked by white and sometimes goldish veins gives it an earthy aesthetic that would best fit a southwestern design scheme.

#9 Mountain White Danby

The value of Mountain White Danby marble can be found in its reserved and simplistic nature. While it is overwhelmingly white, the contrast provided by the minimal darker veins creates a feel of an overhead view of some remote snow-capped mountain range. As a result, Mountain White Danby is an incredibly versatile marble that can fit into almost any design plan. Yet it is ideal for those looking to make the most out of a minimalistic aesthetic.

#8 Rainforest Green

One of the more unique marbles, Rainforest Green genuinely lives up to its name as the brown and copper veins look like branches jutting out from the dense and lush rainforest canopy. While it’s a marble for bolder clients who look to make a fireplace or bathroom vanity stick out, it can add a sense of character to any installation, be it a floor or surround. The key is using it in a measured and balanced capacity, as a little goes a long way, but for more ambitious design plans, Rainforest Green could easily be the star of the show.

#7 Blue Damasco

Due to its mix of blue, white, and grey, Blue Damasco marble finds itself as one of the ideal marbles for bathrooms or surrounds, such a fireplace and other low traffic uses. It’s not ideal for countertops, but it makes a brilliant accent due to colors that provide a sense of calm. Additionally, the blue background contrasted by white veining is as close as marble gets to feeling like a beautiful blue sky with clouds floating through. The ideal marble for areas where relaxation or comfort is key.

#6 Spanish Gold

If you’re looking for that royal feel, Spanish Gold marble offers up a rich variety of veins and colors, all present on a backdrop of regal gold. This cut of stone is an excellent way to make a statement with a defined focal point in any kitchen. It’s also a nice change compared to the classic white marbles that are most common in homes. It’s still light, but with character.

#5 Dynasty Brown

Dark brown marble with white and beige veining, Dynasty Brown produces the feel of regal comfort. Used mostly in residential and commercial projects as bathroom vanity, Dynasty Brown is a rich and unique marble that can be found in 2cm and 3cm thicknesses. It is also commonly used in tile projects, and can add a layered richness to any installation. 

#4 Crema Marfil

This slab of beige marble comes all the way from a quarry in Spain, and is accented by veins of white, brown, and gold. It’s commonly used in bathroom applications and fireplaces, creating a warm and inviting feeling in any room it’s installed. Even better, it’s one of the more affordable marble slabs we have.


#3 Bianco Venato

Another budget-friendly marble, Bianco Venato is a white marble punctuated and enhanced by striking black and dark grey veining that provides an elegant contrast. This sophisticated marble embodies the classic Italian marble look with pronounced veins running across a crispy white backdrop. Great for use in larger vanities or fireplace hearths.

#2 Black Marquina

Perhaps the polar opposite of Crema Marfil, Black Marquina is another marble quarried in Spain. Instead of being on the lighter side, Black Marquina is often used as an aggressive statement piece due to its black background accented by white veins. Commonly this marble is used in bathroom vanities, shower pieces, tub surrounds, and for tiling and fireplaces. Obviously it’s quite diverse in its applications, but that’s because of how sharp it looks.

#1 Calacatta Borghini

One of the most sought after stone slabs in our collection, Calacatta Borghini is as close as stone gets to being legendary. With that classic and classy white marble look, complemented by deep grey and light beige veining, it’s the kind of marble that shows in the homes as the focal point of a room, be it as a centerpiece or a kitchen island. It’s best utilized on large surfaces in order to properly highlight the large veins running through it. But it can be used for vanity tops and fireplace surrounds to add an elevated aesthetic to make various home features and furnishings pop.

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