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Design Ideas: Granite Countertop Colors for Small Kitchens

by Daniel Morrell

Posted on January 26, 2018 07:00:00 AM

For small kitchens, creating a design scheme that enhances your available space is fundamental for achieving the storage, food preparation, and dining areas needed to handle your daily needs. Maximizing efficiency in a small kitchen can be difficult, and ultimately, the amount of space you have available comes down to your design choices. Let’s talk about how to create a well-organized small kitchen and optimize every dollar.


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The two key characteristics to focus on for small kitchens are uniformity and simplicity. The color and materials you choose can greatly optimize your kitchen’s space. Granite is the ideal countertop material because it is highly durable and comes in thousands of different colors. Using low-contrast, light color palettes, and avoiding dark colors with busy patterns will allow your kitchen to appear bigger. Specialized cabinetry to enhance space will greatly help you find room for storing pots, pans, and dish wear. Stainless steel appliances reflect light and contribute to larger looking room.

For a clean and pristine design, which will allow small rooms that do not receive a tremendous amount of sunlight, to appear larger, customize around white and cream colors. Classic White Quartzite is an ideal countertop to design around. It is a durable material that provides a luxurious style that is similar to marble. Pairing the white counters with cream cabinets is going to create a spacious look for even the tightest of kitchens. Adding a light hardwood floor and beige backsplash creates a vibrant and inviting decor.

Some other great light countertops materials that can be substituted for Classic White Quartzite kitchen countertops are:



Viscont White Colonial White

Colonial Cream Delicatus Cream


Marble countertops can also be used. for low flow kitchens, marble is a fantastic option that will look absolutely stunning and presents some significant advantages. When marble is maintained properly with bi-annual sealing and regular cleaning it will last a lifetime and increase the equity of your home. Marble also maintains a consistent temperature, which is ideal for baking. The elegance of white marble, such as Calacatta Gold, White Carrara and Statuario offer some inspiring design options for your kitchen. Black or Satin White cabinets will both pair beautifully with marble counters. The soft appearance of marble counters are complimented by white tile or even light hardwood floors.

A monochromatic color scheme will create a spacious look for your small kitchen. Adding strong accent pieces, like a red teakettle or floral centerpiece will infuse personality into your room and can be easily changed when you tire of them. Sticking to minimalistic intentions of modern design will yield spacious results for small kitchens. Concealing features and using multi-tasking elements will help you reduce the clutter on your countertops. Exposed cabinetry will provide an open and airy feel that will also force you to be tidy with your dish and glasses storage since they will be visible.