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Design Facts: There Should Be a Focal Point in Every Room

Selecting a good focal point for each room in your home will anchor your design efforts and pull the space together. Consider existing elements, how you can enhance the architectural or design style, and what you want to highlight to determine the best focal point for any room.

The Trending Minimalist Surge in Younger Home Buyers

The natural stone industry is writing the story about how luxury translates concepts of minimalism into beautiful kitchen countertops. It’s a tale about the simple beauty of natural stones. This knowledge translates into subdued colors married to the smooth coolness of natural stone countertops.

What are Emotional Responses of Some Buyers of Stone?

When entering the most used room in your home, you feel an immediate immersion into a sense of wellbeing. Even though by design, these rooms are meant to inspire feelings of awe, your senses register the soothing color palettes that flow from important elements such as the kitchen countertops.

The Metamorphosis of Limestone to Marble

Do you ever find yourself marveling at the natural beauty and elegance of marble stones? Perhaps you are the owner of a classy white marble countertop or a stunning Calacatta Gold marble bathroom vanity top, as these are some of the most attractive home project stones.

5 most popular Calacatta Marble Stones

The white background and dramatic, unstructured veins make this type of marble appealing to designers, architects, and homeowners. There are many varieties of this white marble stone, and we have five different types of them here at