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Ways to add Character and Charm to your Kitchen! has the natural solution to achieving your dream kitchen inexpensively while contributing value to your home. Get new countertops! The biggest challenge will be in choosing between the myriad of stone materials and stone colors.

Three Elements that Pull the Room Together

There are three components of interior design that can create a polished look when brought together: flooring, countertops, and area rugs or other accent pieces. Interior design functions perfectly and creates a polished, and, ultimately, successful look when the flooring, countertops and area rugs.

How to Avoid Mold in Your Bathroom

Your granite, marble or travertine vanity top, shower surround or bathtub surround is a sight to behold. As such, we know that there is a lot that goes into taking care of it, keeping it clean and presentable at all times especially against our arch nemesis: Mold.

Does Marble only Come in White Colors?

Marble’s beautiful transformation began as far as early Jurassic Times and offers this stunning natural stone in many veiny white colors. White is the color we most identify with marble but this natural stone comes in more colors than its shades of white.

Why Should You Consider a Quartz Shower Surround?

A quartz shower surround is a durable, attractive option for a shower in busy bathrooms. Choose from luxurious marble-like colors and patterns or any of the other neutral and bold color options to enhance the style of your bathroom, create a focal point, or a whole new interior design style.

Is Natural Stone a Sustainable Choice?

The natural stone industry has evolved over the past 100 years and recent advancements in technology enforce sustainable manufacturing practices that include sustainable extraction and fabrication when it reaches the slab yard.

Stone Spotlight: The Sweet Honey Onyx

Colors in shades of green, brown, white, black, and even red bring a visual palette that can add stunning beauty to any area of your home, but is especially great for bathroom countertops and almost any type of surround.

Design Facts: There Should Be a Focal Point in Every Room

Selecting a good focal point for each room in your home will anchor your design efforts and pull the space together. Consider existing elements, how you can enhance the architectural or design style, and what you want to highlight to determine the best focal point for any room.

The Trending Minimalist Surge in Younger Home Buyers

The natural stone industry is writing the story about how luxury translates concepts of minimalism into beautiful kitchen countertops. It’s a tale about the simple beauty of natural stones. This knowledge translates into subdued colors married to the smooth coolness of natural stone countertops.

What are Emotional Responses of Some Buyers of Stone?

When entering the most used room in your home, you feel an immediate immersion into a sense of wellbeing. Even though by design, these rooms are meant to inspire feelings of awe, your senses register the soothing color palettes that flow from important elements such as the kitchen countertops.

The Metamorphosis of Limestone to Marble

Do you ever find yourself marveling at the natural beauty and elegance of marble stones? Perhaps you are the owner of a classy white marble countertop or a stunning Calacatta Gold marble bathroom vanity top, as these are some of the most attractive home project stones.

5 most popular Calacatta Marble Stones

The white background and dramatic, unstructured veins make this type of marble appealing to designers, architects, and homeowners. There are many varieties of this white marble stone, and we have five different types of them here at