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What Backsplash Looks Good with Marble Countertops

Written by Carolyn Fennek on July 01, 2022
Edited By Amanda Kaiser, Last Updated On January 02, 2024
Reviewed By Angela Warren
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When you are renovating your kitchen or bathroom with a classy slab of marble, you should want that marble to stand out and be seen among the rest of the room. Marble countertops are a sign of elegance, grace, cleanliness, and a sense of exclusion as they are often regarded as stone material for high society. Stone like that needs to be flaunted and seen!

The best way to highlight a lovely slab of marble would be by adding a backsplash that complements your new countertops. A backsplash serves several purposes for a kitchen and bathroom and can easily elevate your marble countertops to be the highlight of the room.

Follow our guide to see how a backsplash can complement your marble countertops.


Basics on a Backsplash

You have probably heard about it already but in case you have not, a backsplash is more than just a way for fabricators to upsell you an extra service. Backsplashes act as protection for your walls against water, grease, oil, and other foreign contaminates. It serves a purpose to help keep your kitchen or bathroom clean from spills. Backsplashes can be customized in a variety of methods to double as decoration to amplify the beauty of your countertops, cabinets, or other focal points in the room.

Backsplash Materials

A backsplash can be easily customizable to fit any kitchen or bathroom design scheme. Since every home has a different feel, here are a few suggestions of the most popular backsplash materials available to get you started.

     Tile: Tile backsplashes are the most common type of material and design on the market. Tiles are exceptionally easy to install, look good, and come in a wide range of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes and can be arranged to form multiple designs. The most chosen tile materials are ceramic, porcelain, glass, and natural stone.

     Stone: The simplest option for pairing a backsplash with marble stone is with another natural stone. Fabricators often have recycled material lying around which you can use to install as your backsplash material. Some companies may offer a discount for taking the recycled material as you are saving them money overall. A marble countertop with a marble backsplash is the go-to choice, but you can also choose granite, quartz, quartzite, or slate. The best way to see which stone material works with marble stone is by using an online kitchen visualizer to experiment with different stones, colors, and designs to see what combination resonates with you.

     Metal: Metal backsplashes are a fantastic way to combine the natural beauty of marble with the modern aesthetic of advancement and innovation. Metal such as stainless steel or copper are easy to clean, can be customized to have a variety of finishes, and stronger than natural stone and tile where it can withstand more damage without breaking or chipping.

     Wood: If you want something that will add some color, texture, and warmth into the room, than wood is your best option. Wood backsplashes can effortlessly match with marble countertops and kitchen cabinets without taking attention away from them.

     Glass: Glass backsplashes are a great way to bounce light around the room to make the space feel brighter without having direct lighting. They are easy to clean, come in a variety of colors and can be customized into many patterns and designs.

     Laminate: Laminate backsplashes are very affordable and can mimic the look of several other materials. This material is affordable, easy to clean, and comes in plenty of options for stylizing with your marble, or act as an accent piece.




Backsplash Options with Marble Countertops

Everyone has different opinions on how to design a room. So, let us go over a few popular marble countertop and backsplash options which you can incorporate into your own home or inspire you to create your own ideas.

Subway Tile

Simple, clean, effective, and a classic look which will draw your guest’s attention without overshadowing your marble countertops. Subway tiles can be made from ceramic, glass, stone, or laminate material, making it a perfect design for marble countertops.

Mirrored Glass Tile

Mirrored glass fits into many modern and contemporary interior design schemes due to its ease of maintenance and ability to cast an illusion of more space as it reflects light around the room. When installed with your marble cabinets, the glass reflects the marble stone to give the appearance of marble as your backsplash.

Black and White

Nothing can beat the elegance of simplicity of a black and white color scheme. The duality of colors is always aesthetically pleasing. Install a black tile backsplash along a white marble countertop to create a clear separation of space around the room. The white countertop will feel brighter with the negative space amplifying each other. Alternatively, switch the colors to have black marble countertops and a white backsplash to make the darker colors stand out in a clean and pristine room.

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles add artistic flare to your kitchen and a splash of color in a bathroom when combined with marble countertops. Marble will still be the star of the room, but mosaic tiles will have your kitchen or bathroom feeling like a work of art.


Stainless Steel

Interested in something modern and urban, than a stainless-steel backsplash paired with a white marble countertop is the perfect combination. Embrace the modern age by fortifying your kitchen or bathroom with a sheet of cold, hard steel to balance the grace and serenity of marble stone.


Marble Stone

What can be easier than installing a marble backsplash with a marble countertop? Honestly, the simplest thing any homeowner can choose for a backsplash is the same material as the countertop. If you are getting a marble countertop, keep going and add it as your backsplash. It will create a sense of unification to have the countertop and backsplash feel like one solid piece.


Quartz Stone

Quartz is technically an artificial stone which is made from quartz minerals bonded together with an adhesive resin and dyed to create dazzling shapes and patterns. Quartz is often used as an affordable alternative to marble as it can mimic the look and pattern of marble. Install it as a backsplash to have a hardier stone material that requires less cleaning but still looks captivating.



A wooden backsplash adds natural texture to a marble countertop, adding the feel of nature into the home. Depending on the type and color of the wood, it can serve to make the entire room feel rustic and homely, or act as a subtle background piece to connect the countertops, cabinets, and windows together with the outdoors. Hardwood backsplash must be treated with a protective layer, so the wood does not warp when it absorbs too much moisture.

Herringbone Tile

This pattern adds an extra layer of visual interest and texture with its diagonal design. Herringbone describes the specific design of the backsplash, so it can be designed with multiple materials like laminate, glass, ceramic, porcelain, and more. The pattern can mesmerize the viewers to look more carefully and draw them into the room where the lines will lead them directly to your marble countertops.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are creative and visually appealing to impress guests and inspire innovation in a kitchen or bathroom. Too many shapes could pull attention away from the marble countertops, but a fun and playful design can amplify the stone as a space to relax and rest.



When it comes to deciding on what looks good with marble countertops, the answer will always be subjective. Everyone has different ideas of what they consider good, and people are free to express their creativity anyway they wish. Our examples serve as a guideline on what has worked with others, and they can work for you too as either a guide or as inspiration to design your own backsplash that you will enjoy with your marble countertops.


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