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25 Granites Perfect for Pairing with White Cabinets

Written by Cabrini Rudnicki on March 23, 2021
Edited By Cabrini Rudnicki, Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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One of the top trends for kitchen renovations is white cabinets. Look at any interior design themed social media account and you will be sure to see beautiful and modern white cabinets in every post. White does not need to just be a pure stark shade, but can also include slightly off-white shades like alabaster or eggshell. 

White is one of those shades that seems like it can go with anything, but this could be a curse not a blessing. Too many options can make kitchen redesigns extremely overwhelming. 

Our top pick for kitchen countertop material is granite, a naturally found stone that is stain, scratch and heat resistant. As a natural stone that could be quarried from multiple locations around the world, there are many designs to pick from. 


With the seemingly endless possibilities of white cabinetry mixed with the many granite patterns available, it may seem impossible to pick a stone for your next kitchen remodel. Check out 25 granite swatches from our collection that could go great with white cabinets in almost any home decor style.

1. Absolute Black Select

This is a timeless sleek dark stone. The design of this stone is without patterning, and is simply a consistent black slab. This is an incredible, elegant stone that, mixed with white cabinetry, could be a great new addition to your home. 

This combination would look amazing in a multitude of styles, from more traditional and vintage styles to a polar opposite sleek modern design. Pair this with dark hardware on the cabinetry to help tie the two colors together even more. Black and white are total opposites, but a color scheme of the two are always in style. 

2. Alaska White

You don’t need lots of colors to make a statement with your kitchen’s stone features. Alaska White is monotone, with lots of grey, white and beige. These colors pair together to make a stunning stone that can pair with just about anything, but will especially look great next to white cabinetry. 

By pairing this stone with white cabinetry, you open the door to adding decor of just about any shade. For example, a purple pop will look fantastic next to these neutral stones and cabinetry. The same could be said for teal, navy, even more unique shades like pink. 

3. Altair

Want to make a statement? Consider this stone, which features bold veining of gold running through a black background. This is not a subtle stone, your guests will not miss the thick, snakelike veining, especially when paired with white cabinetry. 

With white cabinets, the very minimal white detailing within the gold will come to play, making the “metallic shine” of the veining even more apparent. This stone is not for the faint of heart. Combine this pairing with other gold elements in the room. This is your chance to go all in on a design!

4. Ambrosia White

You don’t need to go too extreme with your stone’s design to make a statement in your kitchen. Ambrosia White is an off-white stone with grey veining and small spotting of burgundy. This is a unique but versatile piece as it features both a neutral background but also hints of a statement color. 

Next to white cabinets, Ambrosia White will really shine. White does not need to just be a stark white but can also be an eggshell shade, with a hint of warmth. An off-white cabinet next to this stone will create a monochromatic atmosphere that still has lots of friendliness. 

5. Arcobaleno Blue

This stone has imagery similar to a gorgeous nebula under a telescope. It has mixes of purples, blues, greens, beiges and even some small elements of black. This multicolored beauty can easily scare the boldest of homeowners away, but fret not, as white cabinetry can be the perfect balancing act when paired with this unique stone. 

Like other multicolored stones, the individual elements of the stone can be brought out further with matching decor elements. We also recommend pairing the combination of white cabinets and Arcobaleno Blue with simple but unexpected wooden decor.

6. Aspen White

White is always sure to add exuberance and energy to a space. Aspen White features the simplicity of white, but with the unique addition of grey micro veining. This stone has multiple shades of grey and black on top of its white background. The stone is perfect for those looking for the simplicity of a white stone, but with a little something extra. 

White cabinetry next to a stone as gorgeous as Aspen White is the perfect combination. Don’t be afraid to bring out the colors of the stone even further with matching decor, or, alternatively, it can be paired with any color of the rainbow. 

7. Astoria

Tan with grey and brown subtle spotting and veining, this is a consistent stone that can be paired with just about anything without being too distracting. With a white cabinets, this stone can help to bring some character into a space without being too overpowering.

Use this stone as both countertop and backsplash. As a neutral shade, you can not go wrong with using it just about everywhere. In combination, tan and white will pair well with just about any other color, but we recommend also bringing in some stainless steel elements to add sophistication to the room. 

8. Azteca

This is an interesting and eye catching stone with speckles of brown, gold, grey and black. This stone is definitely something special. This stone has the riches and beauty of its namesake, the ancient Aztec people.

These colors paired with white cabinets are an excellent pairing as they balance each other. The dark shades of the stone are elegant and bold, while the white is sophisticated and simple. The two pair together making the best elements of each color shine in your kitchen. Combine it with black decor accents to make the color combination even more striking. 

9. Azul Aran

This is a classic grey stone with thin veining of dark brown and white spotting. This is a gorgeous piece that can help to harmonize multiple colors. For example, this would look perfect next to white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and even wooden elements. 

Imagine this stone in a perfectly geometric modern kitchen with a waterfall island, or even in a french country-style kitchen. The world is your oyster when you pair white cabinets with a versatile stone like Azul Aran. 

10. Bianco Nero

Sometimes, we don’t want anything close to subtlety. For our bold readers, we recommend this daring stone which combines large sediments of white and black in a splotchy pattern. Both the black and the white are hard to ignore; this stone will definitely make a statement.

This stone in combination with white cabinets will make a fantastically beautiful kitchen. The white in this stone has areas both true white and off-white, meaning to match this stone you can do either kind of color. Use gold statement hardware to create an even more glamorous room, or tone it down with other white decor. 

11. Fantasy White 

White-on-white kitchens are an effortless trend these days, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to have fun. This is a gorgeous white stone with delicate grey veining that can be added to just about any home. Paired with white cabinets, this stone will pair perfectly.

This combination would work well in a variety of home decor styles. A classic kitchen with wooden features would make this combination shine, as would a more elegant and luxurious room with gold hardware. There is plenty of room to experiment with this stone.

12. Harvest Cream

White cabinets can often make someone think of a cold, stark room, but this isn’t always the case. Pair it with a stone like Harvest Cream, featuring a white background but also beige and gold patches. This is a white stone, but still with lots of warmth.

The warmth of this stone can be brought out even further with warm decor elements, like orange, gold, yellow or even red. The white cabinets keep the room sophisticated and trendy, while the warm tones of the stone make the room unique in a sea of monochromatic white kitchens. 

13. Imperial Coffee

Just like the name suggests, this stone looks like a perfect brown cup of coffee, with small flecks of white sediment acting like sugar. This stone paired with some beautiful white cabinets will be extremely unique. Most homeowners looking to have a neutral toned kitchen will go for beiges, greys or taupes; rarely do they go for a deep brown shade like this one.

The dark chocolate of this stone will combine beautifully with a crispy white cabinet. These simple and contrasting shades will add charm to a room that is less extreme than a standard black and white combination. Bring a clean luxury to your home with this pairing. 

14. Kosmus

This is a dreamy but busy stone, completely covered in patterning of taupe, light brown and dark brown on a grey background. This is an eye catching granite worthy of being added to just about any home. The many colors of the stone may lead homeowners unsure of what to pair it with as these neutrals can go with just about anything, however, we recommend pairing it with a brilliant white cabinet.

White cabinets paired with this stone will help bring brightness to a room that is darkened by the coloring on this slab. Pair this combination with dark wood elements to keep the mystery alive. This is not a stone you will want to miss. 


15. Paradiso Classic

This stone has a mix of purple, grey and red, creating an illusion of a galaxy in your home. This stone mixes these unique romantic tones and creates a beautiful pattern worthy of any kitchen. Pairing this with white cabinetry would be extremely striking; your guests will be in awe at the almost space-like atmosphere.

You can easily make this pairing more neutral by combining it with wooden materials. For example, wooden stools and accents of wooden cookware would really bring something special to your home. You could also bring out the purple tones of this stone with matching purple decor. 

16. Rosewood

We’ve discussed pairing white cabinets with a variety of colors from blue to green to grey to brown, but what about rose? Although subtle and close to brown, this is still an undoubtedly pink shade, making it extremely unique. It has veins of grey and burgundy and speckles of white throughout it. 

White cabinets paired with a rosy shade like this is extremely romantic, capable of captivating your guests. The white color of the cabinets will help to bring out the white speckles in the stone’s surface. Pair this combination with similarly colored decor, or, if you want to get creative, try adding in green features. 

17. Sea Pearl

The patterning on this stone is extremely diverse, with each area of this stone featuring a different kind of veining. This stone has colors of grey, brown and blue, with some elements featuring classic lined veining and others featuring dotting of color. Like the name suggests, this stone has the unique and random beauty of an ocean.

Next to white cabinets, this stone will add something special to a room. Fall deep into the ocean theme by surrounding this combination with nautical decor, or lean towards something more sophisticated with modern style furnishing. 

18. Silver Paradiso 

This stone has multiple thin lines of grey on a medium grey background, mixed together, reminiscent of different paint pigments being stirred together. This is an incredibly unique stone that would pair beautifully with stark white cabinets.

White cabinets and other white furniture would help to make the white design on this stone shine. This is a stone for a bright, shining kitchen capable of bringing life into your home. We recommend keeping the white and grey combination with other white accessories, like chairs or white flowers or even beautiful shining silver hardware. 

19. Stormy Night

This is an intricate design, filled with shades of brown, black and grey. This is an incredibly busy design with waves of veins like a dark cloudy night sky. The many colors and generally neutral shading of this stone can make your head spin in terms of pairing it with other shades, but you can not go wrong with white cabinets. 

Use this complex pattern paired with white cabinets to create an interesting but still mature kitchen. This combination will pair well with colors similar to those in the stone’s design, like black furniture or grey-toned stainless steel appliances, or one could add in wooden elements for something different.

20. Sucuri White

This is a white stone covered in speckles of grey and black. This is an attractive neutral stone, capable of being paired with just about anything due to the attractive colors in its design. We recommend white cabinets to help brighten your kitchen.

White cabinets with a neutral stone like this is timeless, and therefore can go with any home decor style. For example, imagine this pairing in a modern kitchen, a country kitchen or even an industrial kitchen. This is the most effortless pairing on this list as it is not as stark as a simple white slab but can still pair well with almost anything.

21. Van Gogh

Van Gogh granite is the most impressive stone in terms of color and design. Just like a painting by the impressionist artist, this absolutely breathtaking stone features mixes of blues, browns, greens and whites. These colors blend together to create a pattern like no other. 

This stone would be a waste not used as a statement piece, so pairing it with white cabinets is a fantastic decision. The white of the cabinets will help the lighter shades of the stone shine through, as well as act as a balancing act in a room where all eyes will be on this gorgeous slab.

22. Verde Gaia

Deep and unique, Verde Gaia is a striking stone of dark grey mixed with lighter veining. This is a tough stone meant for homeowners looking to have a kitchen that exemplifies power and nature. This is a statement stone; no one will be able to take their eyes off of the beautiful combination of shades that fill this stone. 

This stone also has some small veining of white. Next to white cabinets, these small white elements will shine. Imagine the luxury of this stone in an elegantly designed kitchen with wooden accent pieces and expensive art pieces. This is a combination for someone looking to add some extra oomph to the style of their home. 

23. Verde Sequoia

It is easy to assume your new kitchen design will be bright, airy and almost juvenile with white cabinets, but that is definitely not the case with the many dark granite options that would pair well with it. We recommend Verde Sequoia Dark, which has some deep shading of black and green.

Like a jungle, this stone will help to bring out an elegant wild side in your home. Paired with white cabinets, which will help to balance out the darkness this stone has, your kitchen will be the new focal point of your home. 


24. Via Lactea

If you are looking for something to pair with a crisp and sharp white, look no further than Via Lactea granite. This is a dark grey stone with subtle white veining. This is a perfect stone for someone looking to add drama to their all-white kitchen but still maintain a harmonious design. The white elements in this stone will pair well with white cabinetry. 

This, paired with solid white cabinets, can be perfect for a trendy monochrome kitchen. If you are looking to break up the space, consider adding wooden accents to the room to create a Scandinavian vibe. 

25. Vyara Gold

A beige stone with subtle veinings of grey and brown, this is an understated stone that can be the perfect harmonizer for kitchen’s of any color or style. As a neutral stone, it can go well with many different shades, but it's even easier with its light tone.

The many possibilities of this stone can feel overwhelming, but look no further than white cabinets, which can also brighten up a room. These two elements combined will make a classic and natural kitchen. Bring some extra style to the kitchen with colorful plants or art. 

Don’t see anything you like? has over 600 granite countertop options in just about any shade, from black to white, to beige to brown, even green to pink. There is plenty to choose from, and you will be sure to find the perfect stone for your home. 

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