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Matching Oak Cabinets with Quartz Countertops

Written by Carolyn Fennek on October 18, 2022
Edited By Jorelle Baker, Last Updated On January 02, 2024
Reviewed By Brian Freeman
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Designing your kitchen requires a lot of planning on what you want it to look like. A big question to consider is what type of cabinets you have and what countertops you would like to install. Even more important is what countertop color matches well with your new cabinets?

A popular trend in home remodeling is installing oak cabinets with a quartz countertop. The combination of wood and artificial stone is aesthetically pleasing for everyone and fits several color schemes of interior design. As you choose new oak cabinets for your kitchen, take a moment to go over what color quartz pairs well with the oak.

Table of Contents

Installing Oak Cabinets

When deciding what type of quartz countertop to install with your oak cabinets, you should understand what type of oak cabinets you are installing. There are 500-600 types of oak trees in the world, approximately 90 of which reside in the US. Oak cabinets are stained to give them that rustic color homeowners desire. The most common colors oak is stained are red and white.

Red Oak: Red Oak is very durable, has an orange-like glow, has a wide range of styles and finishes, as well as pronounced grain patterning. Red Oak is often seen in Traditional and Transitional interior design.

White Oak: White Oak is just as durable, lighter in color with a more subtle grain appearance. White Oak is the preferred choice for Traditional and Arts and Crafts styles of interior design.

Oak cabinets are an excellent option for anyone who wants their kitchen or bathroom to have a rural and classic appearance.



Quartz Colors

With an idea of what oak cabinets you are installing, now you can start the fun of shopping for matching quartz. Since quartz is manufactured, there will be plenty of options with what type of color or designs you could want. Quartz is a versatile, artificial stone which can be paired with almost any interior design layout. Here are some excellent options you could choose from to pair with your oak cabinets.


Light Colors

Venastone Carrara

Venasone Carrara quartz is a popular option for any kitchen and bathroom remodel, since its elegant design allows it to pair with any interior design scheme. The white and gray stone matches well with the White Oak, giving a classic and bright tone; or lightens up a room for the darker tone of Red Oak. A versatile stone that will please no matter which oak cabinet you want to install.

Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo

This white and gray stone has some more shading, giving a warmer tone when combined with oak cabinets. The veining from Calacatta Nuvo imitates natural stone veins, which matches well with the grains in White and Red Oak. The brighter tone of Nuvo allows the transition from countertop to cabinet feels more seamless with White Oak.

Venastone Statuario Bianco

Venastone’s Statuario Bianco quartz is a classy, white stone with intersecting thick and thin gray veins. The splendid design can easily pair with the White Oak to give your kitchen or bathroom a clean, lively, and radiant glow.

Alternatively, using Statuario Bianco with Red Oak cabinets allows the Red Oak to stand out and be the focal point of the room as the stone becomes a subtle accent.

 Caesarstone Alpine Mist

Caesarstone Alpine Mist is a soft gray stone with speckles of white to give the natural appearance of looking into a snowy field on a misty day. This quartz is much more delicate with its appearance, allowing it to make the perfect accent for White or Red Oak cabinets.


Dark Colors


Blackwood is a black quartz with speckles of gold, cream and blue laced throughout the slab. Beautiful on its own, but makes a powerful statement when combined with White Oak. The black and white color scheme is a popular color pattern in Modern and Contemporary kitchen designs. Blackwood can easily offset the White Oak cabinets with a strong, darker presence to create a harmonic balance of colors.

On the other hand, Blackwood and Red Oak cabinets can always play off each other due to red and black being complementary colors. Combining the mutual dark colors can give your kitchen or bathroom a warmer appearance.

Nero Marquise

In the mood for something darker, then choose Nero Marquise quartz. The deep, dark black stone easily absorbs light to make the white veins feel brighter. Nero Marquise counteracts the bright white and lighting of the room by adding a thicker color, while simultaneously transitioning into the lighter colors. The white veins running throughout the slab catch the eye and allow the viewer to see them travel from the stone and into the cabinets.

As red and black are always an excellent color combination, Nero Marquise and Red Oak perfectly complement each other. Make sure to have adequate lighting and possibly a centerpiece in the room and watch your kitchen or bathroom take on a whole new form.

Coastal Grey

Coastal Grey is a black stone with an abundance of white and grey veining. A phenomenal quartz one can easily get lost gazing into, but pairs well with both White and Red Oak cabinets to give the room a classic, rustic style.


When cared for properly, oak cabinets will always look desirable and quartz adds value to your home. Combine them together, and you have a room everyone all the neighbors will envy.

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