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What Granite Goes With White Cabinets

Written by Carolyn Fennek on August 23, 2022
Edited By Amanda Kaiser, Last Updated On January 04, 2024
Reviewed By Jorelle Baker
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I love white cabinets. When my husband and I first started remodeling the house in 2021, I was adamant on wanting white cabinets for the house. He was not a fan of it at first, saying they would just get dirtier faster, so we should get brown cabinets instead. We argued for a while, but he caved in, and I got the white cabinets I have always wanted.

After that installation was done, we had a much bigger debate on what granite stone to choose with our new white cabinets. He told me about and we ended up buying Golden Riviera granite and I became a writer for the company! Best win-win scenario I could have ever asked for.

Back to the point, it was a long discussion on what granite goes well with my white cabinets. That is why I am going to discuss with you how we were able to make our decision with the helpful tips from the team.


Questions We Were Asking

When my husband and I were staring at our white cabinets, we were in between thoughts on what type of granite to choose.

· Should we just get white granite?

· Are there other colors we can choose?

· Should we get something that stands out?

· How do we know what looks good with white cabinets aside from black and white?


Customer Support Answers

When we went to the headquarters for, we spoke with a sales representative who was able to walk us through notes on granite stone and questions we should be asking ourselves.

· What style are you looking for?

· What colors do you like?

· What are you trying to highlight in the room?

These questions quickly changed our viewpoint on what to buy to what we were looking to add with the white cabinets.

While everyone has different tastes regarding color preference and artistic styles, we were able to narrow down our options to something subtle, simple, and bright. Colors that felt warm and inviting, which could also meld well with the white coloring.




Appeal of White Cabinets

As I said earlier, I love white cabinets. Never knew why entirely, but I did because they just looked simple, easy on the eyes, and it felt like they were just cleaner and brighter than other options available.

Turns out, white cabinets are brimming with positive energy and aesthetic charm that encourages those exact feelings I was describing.

· Open Space: White cabinets make for excellent void and blank space since they are the absence of colors. Having walls and cabinets as the color white, makes the whole room feel absent and empty, making it feel larger than it actually is. It is a subtle little color trick I never knew since we do not have a big house, but my kitchen and bathroom always felt larger and wider.

· Clean Style: One of my favorite aspects about white cabinets is their ability to always look clean. Maybe it is because humans associate shining bright and white cabinets as clean, and you can easily see dirt or stains forming on it. I am cleaning constantly at home because I love having a hygienic home. White cabinets are perfect to make it feel like I’m living in a sanitary environment.

· Enhances Light: White cabinets are great at refracting light off its surface, bouncing it around the room to make everything feel brighter. My bathroom does not have too many lights in it, but the white cabinets bouncing the sunlight from the outside feels like we do not need it. It is such a beautiful experience having a naturally lit and bright bathroom without resorting to using artificial light.


Appeal of Granite Stone

I was not entirely sure why my husband was so intent on getting granite stone, but I must say that I am surprised by how good it is since we installed it in our kitchen. Granite is amazing! It is so sturdy, looks great, feels smooth, and not as expensive as my husband and I were first led to believe. The staff at clearly explained to me how granite:

· Has excellent resistances to scratching, staining, chipping, and heat.

· Has a high hardness rating of 8 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale.

· Comes in a large variety of colors, shades, and patterns.

· Is extremely easy to clean and maintain.

· Has some porous issues, but nothing as severe as marble or other natural stones.

At first, I had no idea how great granite stone was when we first started this project. The staff at were very insightful on the matter, and their expertise has helped me write articles for their company.


Locations for Granite Stone

What really got my attention was how versatile granite stone is around the house. We knew we were getting granite stone for our kitchen, but we did not know we could have it in nearly every section of our house if we wanted. For context, granite stone can be installed as:

· Kitchen and bathroom countertop material

· Kitchen and bathroom backsplash material

· Bathroom wall and floor material

· Indoor and outdoor bar material

· Outside elevation

· Barbeque material

· Fireplace and Hot tub surround

· Butler pantry material




Granite Stone with White Cabinets Options

There are so many styles of granite to choose from that highlighting every single one would be much longer than anyone would want to read. For efficiency’s sake, I am going to go over some of the most popular and affordable options of granite stone has to offer and highlight why they would work well with white cabinets.


Sea Pearl

Sea pearl granite is a natural stone you cannot help but fall in love with. The stone is a masterpiece of white, gray, black, and blue colors where each color takes prominence, but not enough to overpower the others. The light colors of the white and gray base stone make it pair well with white cabinets, while adding a small hint of color.



Everest is an off-white and black stone with bits of gray to feel like you are staring at the great mountain Everest of which the stone gets its name. The white and gray coloring allude to the dirty snow blowing upon the mountaintops, with the black and icy rocks peering from underneath. The white cabinets will be a cozy retreat when you pull your eyes away from Everest.


River White

I almost chose this one for my kitchen! River White granite is soft, delicate, and feels like the gentle bed of a little river or creek. The white sandy color makes you want to reach out and feel the coarse sand between your fingers while the cool, clear water washes it away. It has such a beautiful color and pleasant aura to it that installing it near your white cabinets will make your room feel like a comfortable break from constant colors.


Blue Bahia

Blue Bahia is not one of the first options you would choose to pair with white cabinets. Blue is a happy and pleasant color, but rarely thought of to mix with white anything. However, Blue Bahia is strikingly beautiful with clusters of white and gold to make it feel like you have treasure within your home. It is colorful enough to bring out the creativity and ingenuity of nature, while still melding well with the clean and simplicity for white cabinets to complement.


Golden Riviera

Golden Riviera is the granite stone we chose for our kitchen, and all bias aside, it is perfect to have with white cabinets. The white and gray slab has amazing streams of beige and gold to provide subtle color and warmth which perfectly matches white wooden cabinets. Golden Riviera feels like a welcome home hug that embraces you within its stone as you marvel at the speckles and streaks racing across the slab.


Black Galaxy

Black Galaxy granite is a stone for the bold and brash who want a deep color to complement their white cabinets. The opposition of black and white will always be trendy and aesthetically pleasing, and Black Galaxy is the stone where you can get lost gazing into the black slab with white speckles as if you were marveling at the stars themselves.


Golden Valley

Golden Valley granite is a beige and gold stone which will quickly add warmth and texture to your home. The dramatic design of the gray, black, and brown speckles hypnotize you to keep your focus. White cabinets reflect light right onto the glowing slab, illuminating your room without the need for ambient lighting except for nighttime.



Astoria granite is another beige stone that offers warmth and comfort, but it is not as daring as Golden Valley and not as light as Golden Riviera. Astoria melds more black speckles into the stone with deeper shades of beige to blend well with white cabinets and darker textures like lamps, appliances, and utensils.


Cosmic Black

Cosmic Black granite is not as dark as Black Galaxy, but it has the same traits of the darker granite stones by providing you with a sense of enclosure and space to envelop you within. The darker colors are a perfect contrast to white cabinets, providing a clear sense of separation between each section of the room. The white specks and streaks within Cosmic Black offer just enough to feel like a white stone is clawing its way out to reach the light.


Fantasy White

Fantasy White granite is a naturally white stone which is delicate on the eyes, has soft and mute colors, and effectively adds some light amount of color to a bright room enhanced by white cabinets. The black and gray speckles and blots in the stone range in size making each slab a different picture while providing some texture to the room like beige and red slabs do.



Honestly, you cannot really go wrong choosing what type of granite slab works with white cabinets. I was stuck choosing several options for the sales team to share with me that it was my husband who eventually decided on the lovely Golden Riviera I adore to this day. Be mindful of what theme you are trying to incorporate into your home and what types of colors you like with white, and you will not go wrong with any granite stone.

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