Maximus Hyper White

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Material Information

Maximus Hyper White porcelain is an off-white stone that is the perfect middle-ground between simplicity and elegance. Its unvarying, off-whte look might just be what you are looking for. It is clean and crisp, and its physical properties make it a no-brainer addition! Adding porcelain can enrich any room and its simplicity allows for it to match just about any decor style.

Since it weighs far less in comparison to other stones, Maximus Hyper White can be installed with ease in full slab size in almost any desirable location of the home. Large home design projects should not have to be difficult and this stone makes it as easy as it gets. With its high durability and resistance to stains, extreme heat, scratches, and chips, this porcelain is an ideal addition to your home. The stone is also a great money-saver, as it is virtually maintenance-free and requires no special care, such as sealing. This porcelain will maintain its elegant look for years to come. Maximus Hyper White porcelain is sure to make your living space something worth coming home to.

Original Name: Maximus Hyper White

Material Type: Porcelain

Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates

Colors: White

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