Versilia Marble White

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Material Information

Versilia Marble White porcelain is a subtle mix of white and grey hues scattered uniquely throughout the slab. Compared to other black and white styled stones, Versilia Marble White has a calmer presence. This gorgeous material is perfect for homeowners looking for the appearance of stone, but also wanting increased durability for years to come.

Versilia Marble White is recommended for use as kitchen and bathroom flooring, shower walls, backsplashes, and more. For instance, this porcelain installed as a shower wall has the ability to turn an ordinary, traditional bathroom into a major and stunning focal point of the home. Likewise, if it was added to a kitchen as a backsplash, the space would immediately brighten up! Most often, porcelain is created to resemble natural stones which makes this stone a great addition as it compliments other stone surfaces as well. Whether your home already has a contemporary feel to it, with neutral tones, or whether you are in need of brightening your darker space, Versilia Marble White may be exactly what you are looking for.

Original Name: Versilia Marble White

Material Type: Porcelain

Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates

Colors: White, Black

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