Calacatta Africa White

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Material Information

Calacatta Africa White porcelain is a primarily white stone with hues of grey, wide-scaled veining throughout the slab. Its stunning physical appearance creates a calming yet lively ambiance in your desired space. Giving off both the modern and contemporary feel, this specific porcelain allows homeowners who choose this stone to upgrade their space as the years go by, without having to replace the stone! Calacatta Africa White porcelain has the durability and resistance that ensures its quality is long-term.

It can be used in high and low traffic areas alike in both commercial and residential projects. Porcelain is extremely easy to work with making it an optimal choice for large scale design projects. Calacatta Africa White porcelain could be applied as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, flooring, backsplashes and much more. This can be paired with either light or dark colored paint finishes. A stone of this quality does the talking itself. Through its consistent white background and unique grey veining, your desired location for the Calacatta Africa White porcelain is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Original Name: Calacatta Africa White

Material Type: Porcelain

Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates

Colors: White

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