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How to Make Marble Countertops Shine

Written by Carolyn Fennek on April 01, 2023
Edited By Jorelle Baker, Last Updated On January 01, 2024
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Table of Contents

Marble stone has been part of human history since the Ancient Greek and Romans used it to line their houses and construct impressive buildings. It is a classic stone with an abundance of history and symbolic elegance that continues to make marble stone a top choice for interior decoration.

For something this luxurious and exquisite, it is a shame to see when marble countertops become etched or dulled over time. That is why we are here to help restore that shine back to your countertops, so you can dazzle your guests with the marble stone you love dearly.



Staining with Marble Stone

You may think you know marble stone, but there are a lot of facts you should always remember when working and cleaning with marble stone.

It is common for stone countertops to dull overtime, but marble stone scratches and dulls faster than other stones. Some disadvantages of marble stone is that it is considered soft, has low durability, and is prone to scratching and chipping.

Marble stone has miniscule holes and grooves in the stone called pitting, which makes the stone very porous. These tiny divots can trap food matter or acidic material like juices to form stains on your countertop. Harsh chemical cleaners can also get trapped in the pitting, leaving large stains, and in some situations erode the stone to form cracks. Marble countertops should be sealed to prevent these staining issues from happening.


Type of Marble Finish

Before cleaning your marble countertops, it is important to know what type of finish has been applied. Marble countertops can have two popular finishing options. Understanding each one can provide a better sense of how to restore that new countertop shine.

     1. Honed: Abrasives are used to remove the tiny texture of the stone to create a smooth surface. The pores are more exposed, allowing stains to form more easily.

     2. Polished: The most popular method to finish marble, it has the iconic glossy appeal from being smoothed with diamond discs, buffers, and polishing agents. Polishing helps seal countertops and floor tiles, making it less porous and harder for stains to form.

Polished marble will be easier to restore the countertop’s shine as it is coated in a specific way to handle polishing agents. Honed marble will have a small shine, but not as strong as a Polished finish.

Shining Marble Countertops

On to the fun part of learning how to properly restore the shine to your marble countertops. As with most stone care, there are a few preliminary steps that must be taken first.


Prelimiary Steps

First, clean off the countertop. Remove everything off the countertop, this includes cutlery, places, trivets, and appliances. There should be nothing on the surface, so you polish every inch of the countertop.

Next, remove any stains. Polishing a countertop with a stain is possible, but then you will have a very shiny stain. Before polishing, remove any stains on the marble. Follow our guide to clean marble countertops to make sure the surface is clean and stain free.

Now that the countertop is completely clean and stain free, we can discuss how to properly polish your countertops.


Call a Professional

The simplest way of polishing a marble countertop is to call a professional. Marble stone is very delicate and doing it incorrectly could damage your lovely marble stone. Marble companies have experts trained to polish countertops and make them shine like brand new.




Polishing Powders

For those DIY homeowners, purchase marble specific polishing powders from marble manufacturers or the marble company you purchased your countertop from.

After cleaning off the entire countertop, sprinkle the polishing powder onto the surface and gently rub the powder into the grooves with a cloth. Follow the instructions on the powder for how long the powder must be left to sit before using a damp rag to remove it.

Once the polishing powder has been removed and you can see the beautiful shine return to your countertop, now is the time to seal it in so it lasts a long time. Most marble sealing products follow a similar set of instructions, but always follow what the marble supplier suggest when working with their product.

To seal marble, spray or pour the sealing agent directly onto the countertop surface. Spread the sealing agent across the entire surface with a soft cloth, letting it soak for the recommended duration of time. Once the allotted time has passed, wipe the sealing agent in a circular motion to buff the sealing. Continue until the sealer is completely soaked into the stone and the surface feels dry.


Polishing Kit

Homeowners can purchase specialized polishing kits which are designed with simple instructions on how to care for and maintain the shine of marble countertops. These kits generally come with a polishing compound, marble sealer, some tools for cleaning, and a set of instructions. Typically, homeowners will still need other materials like a sponge and a couple of microfiber cloths or towels. Before using the polishing agent, homeowners should clean the countertop and remove any stains beforehand.

Stone polish sprays are also available with easy to follow directions printed on the bottle. 


Tips to Keep Marble Shining

Now that your marble countertops have their bright sheen back, here are a few tips to make sure it stays for a long time.

     1. Clean marble countertops daily or whenever there is dirt or dust. Letting dirt settle on the countertop will cause it to fade over time and leave stains.

     2. Removing spills instantly will significantly reduce the chance of stains and keep your marble healthy.

     3. Rinse the countertop thoroughly with warm water and dry it with an absorbent cloth to remove any traces of water. When water evaporates, it can leave behind minerals which form hard water stains. Thoroughly rinsing and drying marble countertops will reduce the risk of these stains forming and keeping the sheen longer.

     4. Seal the marble countertops depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation. Routine sealing will keep your countertops protected longer. Some companies vote to seal marble countertops twice a year, with others opting for once every season.

     5. Communicate with professionals on how to keep marble countertops shining and follow their instructions on tips and products they suggest for routine care.



Products to Avoid

In order to keep your marble countertops healthy and shining, it is imperative you avoid using certain products which will cause them to fade.

Harsh chemical cleaners like bleach, ammonia, vinegar or lemon scented cleaning agents are all very strong and will fade marble countertops when used multiple times. Some chemicals like bleach can dull marble countertops in a single use.

Rough and hard bristle brushes can etch marble countertops, fading the new polish you just applied and leaving it vulnerable to future staining.

Do not use knives or sharp objects directly on marble countertops as it is very soft and can be easily cut with enough force.



Making your marble countertops shine is not a difficult task, but it does require some precision with what products to use and how long to leave the polishing agents on the countertop surface. As long as you keep your marble countertops properly cleaned, seal them as needed, and avoid using harsh chemical cleaners and products; then your marble countertops can shine for a lifetime.

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