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How Much is Black Marble Countertops

Written by Francis Resway on April 17, 2023
Edited By Kyle Murray, Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Castor Syro
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If you could guess what were the most common colors for marble countertops, what would your guess be? White? Black? Beige? While white marble countertops are the iconic look for marble, black marble countertops are equally as aesthetically impressive and just as popular.

Black marble countertops cast a bold statement and provide a simple blank space for kitchens and closeness and privacy for bathrooms. Installing black marble in your home can fit nearly every interior design scheme and will increase the value of your home.

But how much are black marble countertops exactly? Something this nice has to come with a big price tag. That is what we are going to discuss with you today so you will know exactly how much black marble countertops cost.


Black Marble Cost

Marble countertops are in the high-end price range for stone countertops. Their long history of being used in the home for rich families, famous artworks, and monuments has given marble a reputation among high society.

On average, marble countertops can cost between $50-$250 per sq. ft. to install. Black marble countertops are in the middle range of costing $75 per sq. ft. to install.

Black marble countertops are a luxury item and will cost a bit extra to have within the home. That price alone just accounts for the stone and not the other factors which contribute to the price.


Additional Cost Factors

The price for black marble countertops can depend on a number of additional factors which you will need to be aware of as these extra charges are what really makes black marble expensive.


Marble stone is typically found as a white stone with some light veining. Black marble stone is harder to find, making it more expensive than the regular white marble countertops. Depending on how much black marble has been quarried and supplied to stores, the price for black marble can substantially increase.


Due to the rarity of black marble countertops, quarries must be very delicate in extracting it from the ground. If they remove it incorrectly, the stone can break and will be unusable for marble slabs, needing to be broken down for other materials. The delicate process of removing the stone safely increases the price to fabricators, which in turn raises the price for homeowners like you.


Marble stone is graded on an A-D ranking to determine the level of quality with each slab. The higher the letter, the better the grade, which means the better the stone slab will be receiving.




Grade A

High Quality

Minimal flaws, light veining, subtle colors, strong durability, high cost

Grade B

High Quality

Minor flaws, some pitting and fissures, blotchy appearance, high-medium cost

Grade C

Medium Quality

Some flaws, pitting and fissures, large cracks, and chipping, may need repairs, lower price

Grade D

Low Quality

Heavily damages, bright colors, dark veins, minor to major flaws, will need repair, least expensive

This grading level was designed by the Marble Institute of America which grades every piece of marble to ensure customer satisfaction and financial security with purchases.


Similar to black marble’s rarity, if there is not enough black marble to meet the demand of clients, then it will cost more to purchase the black marble. The more available a stone is, the easier it will be to purchase it. When something is not available or highly requested, then it will increase the price for homeowners as the fabricators must pay more to meet the demand.


Marble stone is charged by how thick the stone is to install. Depending on how thick the stone is will affect the price you will be paying.

Thickness Lever


1 cm. Thickness

Very thin, not advised for countertops, delicate, easy to damage and break, need additional support, good for large commercial projects

2 cm Thickness

Industry average, moderate strength, moderate stability, may need support for long overhangs, excellent for countertops and interior design

3 cm Thickness

Optimal thickness level, great stability, excellent durability, slightly more expensive

4 cm Thickness

Very durable, expensive, heavy to move, requires support, exceptional degree of protection and stability

When determining how thick to buy marble countertops, take time to understand how often the marble will be used and what it will be used for.


A finish is the process carried out on the surface of natural stone to give it a specific appearance or characteristics. Depending on what type of finish you choose will affect the overall price.

Type of Finish



Most popular and commonly used, high glossy and shining appearance, typically comes with installation


Very popular, considered an upgrade and additional cost, countertop has a matte or satin-life appearance


Expensive upgrade option where a diamond tipped brush removes softer parts of the marble to create a textured surface that feels smooth


Additional charge where a wire brush is used on the surface to create a textured and slightly rough feel


Labor and Installation

Marble is considered soft compared to other stones. This means that laborers and fabricators must use caution when working with marble, otherwise they risk damaging it during transportation and installation. This excess care for general labor, transportation, handling, installation increases the price of black marble countertops.

Transportation is especially important since it takes time to load and move black marble stone from the warehouse to the jobsite. The farther the laborers have to travel, the more risk they are taking to keep the stone intact.


Project Complexity

Depending on how complex the installation is will also play a factor in the overall price. Simple countertop re-designs and installation will not cost much. But projects that require multiple cutouts, additional work, specific edging and backsplash material will all be additional charges.


Popular Black Marble

We can keep talking about black marble countertops, but to truly understand how much they are worth, then you have to see what makes each stone special.

Black Marquina

Black Marquina is a beautiful black marble stone with light white speckles and veins gently jutting across the slab. The deep black base of the stone makes the white speckles appear bright in the classic monochromatic color scheme which is very popular in modern interior designs.

Portoro Genuine Extra

Portoro Genuine Extra is a combination of black and white colors melding together in an artistic amalgamation of patterns and designs. Every inch of this stone feels connected to the other pieces which feels like the white veins are flowing across the black stone slab.


As the name suggests, Glaciers marble hearkens back to the natural icy monuments of glaciers floating in the sea. The balance of bright and dirty white melding in layers with black and grey creates the natural look of ice and dirt forming on top of one another, which eventually breaks off to form a slab which can be used within your home.


Final Verdict

So, the question is, how much are black marble countertops? The answer is it depends. On average, black marble countertops can cost around $75 per sq. ft., but the additional factors will change the overall price.

Schedule an appointment with us today so we can provide you with a clear estimate on what you would like done for your kitchen countertops.


National Average


(30 sq.ft. of moderate countertop with eased edge, undermount sink, and no backsplash)

Low: $2,000
Medium: $4,000
High: $6,000+

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