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What Color Quartz Countertops Go With Gray Cabinets

Written by Carolyn Fennek on April 26, 2023
Edited By Cabrini Rudnicki, Last Updated On June 20, 2023
Reviewed By Amanda Kaiser
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One of the best benefits of installing quartz countertops into your kitchen or bathroom is how easy it is to decorate and pair it with other objects in the room. Quartz can be dyed to fit any number of styles, patterns, and designs that it can fool stone specialists into thinking it is a different type of stone altogether.

When looking at your kitchen or bathroom’s gray cabinets, you will want a quartz countertop or vanity that adds more visual appeal to the room, without taking away from the cabinet color. That is why we are going to discuss how easy it is to pair quartz countertops with gray cabinets and offer you a few selections for your consideration.

Quartz Countertop Benefits

Quartz countertops are a homeowner's dream stone material for their kitchen, bathroom, indoor bar, and assorted decoration around the house. Unlike other stones, quartz is artificially fabricated to be stronger and easier to clean while still looking extravagant.

Quartz countertops are made by combining quartz minerals, fusing them together with an adhesive resin, which is then dyed in an infinite number of patterns. The fabricated stone is then sealed together for protection.

These slabs are easy to customize but can be expensive if a homeowner is interested in a quartz slab that looks like marble. Quartz slabs can be made to look like marble, granite, or other high-priced stone material without having their weaknesses. For instance, marble is very soft and can be easily damaged and stained while being expensive to install. A homeowner like yourself could purchase a slab of quartz that looks like marble, to have the marble look, while still having the strength and durability of quartz.

Quartz countertops are exceptionally easy to clean. By simply using warm water, mild dish soap, and a microfiber or soft washcloth, you can keep quartz countertops healthy for a lifetime. Stains can be removed with this method as well but may require other solutions in case soap and water prove ineffective.


Gray Cabinet Benefits

Whether you were aware of it or not, gray cabinets have a number of interior design benefits which add a lot of character to your home.

Gray Color

Gray is a neutral color which allows it to match well with nearly every color on the spectrum. It is the combination of white and black to create a perfect balance between two opposing colors. This color allows you to choose nearly any color of quartz and it will look good.

Interior Design Schemes

Interior designers often choose gray as their color of choice for modern and formal kitchens and rooms. Gray cabinets are often used in modern homes that incorporate urban aesthetics. By combining gray cabinets with metallic appliances, homeowners can feel like they are living in the here and now of a healthy city.

On the other hand, gray cabinets look amazing in a formal kitchen. Simple and clean lines with no extravagant embellishing or bright colors create a perfect formal and business friendly environment.

Gray cabinets add dimension to the kitchen and bathroom. The neutral color provides a sense of depth for other objects to stand out against.



Gray Cabinet Shades

Gray is a wonderful color for interior design schemes, but different shades of gray can lead to diverse types of atmosphere in a room.

Dark Gray

Dark gray cabinets portray a high-end look that feels more serious in tone. The darker spectrum creates a field of closeness to mute the lighting for a neutral and dimmer space. Dark gray cabinets work very well for modern and contemporary kitchens, adding impact and visual contrast. These types of cabinets give a statement and attention to your guests.

Light Gray

Light gray cabinets are on the lighter spectrum, capturing light and increasing brightness to the room. These cabinets are excellent for industrial designs when combined with interchangeable light and dark colored objects for contrast. Light gray cabinets are very elegant, smooth, and pleasant to look at as they feel like they are inviting you in without directly capturing your attention.


Quartz Countertop and Gray Cabinet Options

With a healthy understanding of gray cabinets and quartz countertops, we can start combining them together for some fun options.


White Quartz + Gray Cabinets

White quartz countertops and light gray cabinets are a wonderful way to brighten a room without using too much lighting as well as portraying an open and clean space.

Vena Calacatta

Vena Calacatta quartz is one of the popular options that mimic marble stone.

     Light Gray Cabinets: Vena Calacatta with light gray countertops provides a lovely open space where the veins of the countertop can freely expand while the cabinets bounce light for the white stone to shine.

     Dark Gray Cabinets: Vena Calacatta’s thick veins match the darker toned cabinets, making the countertops and cabinets feel like an extension of one another.

Vena Carrara

Vena Carrara countertops are another marble-like quartz stone that has less veining, but equally popular appeal.

     Light Gray Cabinets: Vena Carrara countertops with light gray cabinets offer a delicate and open space with a bright and clean atmosphere.

     Dark Gray Cabinets: The contrast between the dark gray cabinets with the bright white base stone of Carrara creates an easily seen separation from countertop to cabinet, while still providing the feel of a clean and organized environment.

Solera Snow White

Solera Snow White is a soft quartz stone with a white base layer and a slight hue of beige to make a countertop feel welcoming and warm.

     Light Gray Cabinets: Solera Snow White with light gray cabinets surrounds you in a wonderful, wintery aesthetic to give a sense of wide-open space, but a gentle accent of color will greatly peer through.

     Dark Gray Cabinets: The darker shades will make the room feel closer with a denser as the white countertop breaks through the mute colors with a flash of light and warmth from the gentle beige hues within the stone.




Black Quartz + Gray Cabinets

Black quartz countertops naturally feel bolder and can highlight other colors in contrast against it. When used properly, black can enhance an object’s strong colors and size by adding a void space. Too many dark colors could have the opposite effect where objects and colors can be consumed by the darkness.

Vanilla Noir + Gray Cabinets

Vanilla Noir is a consistent black quartz stone with small speckles to form light patterns against the black base. A beautiful choice of black quartz stone to dazzle your guests the moment they see it.

     Light Gray Cabinets: The black stone base of Vanilla Noir makes a pleasant contrast of light and dark colors for any kitchen or bathroom. The lighter colors of the cabinets add liveliness to the darker countertop.

     Dark Gray Cabinets: The combination of black countertops and dark gray countertops can be difficult to appreciate the consistent dim tones require more accent and ambient lighting. With sufficient lighting, the room can feel very closed in and private, which can be greatly used for bathrooms.

Jet Black + Gray Cabinets

Jet Black quartz is a deep black stone that takes in all the light around it to hold your attention and invokes the imagination to form invisible shapes in the slab.

     Light Gray Cabinets: Jet Black quartz is an excellent color to create negative space for the cabinets to take center stage and be seen in the kitchen. Incorporate a centerpiece or decoration around the room so the countertop highlights those objects better.

     Dark Gray Cabinets: For those who love the night and dark, combining dark gray cabinets with Jet Black quartz will feel like you are one with the darkness around you as it covers you in a blanket of warmth and security.

Nero Marquise + Gray Cabinets

Nero Marquise is a pitch-black stone with a white zig-zagging pattern across the whole slab. The white veins are the perfect contrast of black and white together for a powerful and visually appealing countertop.

     Light Gray Cabinets: The white veins in Nero Marquise act as a function and fashionable bridge to connect the black quartz stone to the light gray cabinets.

     Dark Gray Cabinets: The black stone of Nero Marquise now takes center stage as the white veins become the only shining glimmer of light in the room while the dark stone merges with the dark gray cabinets.


Gray Quartz + Gray Cabinets

The simplest option is always the best when it comes to interior design. Combining gray quartz countertops with grab cabinets will have the most consistent theme for the entire room. Some of the most popular gray quartz countertops are:

Rugged Concrete

Rugged Concrete quartz is a darker gray toned stone that gives the impression of hard concrete in a city. For homeowners looking to make their home feel like an urban apartment or add a touch of the city into their life, this concrete paired with either light or dark gray cabinets is an excellent choice.

Coastal Gray

Coastal Gray quartz is a combination of dark and light gray coloring to create a vague, yet hypnotic pattern to inspire the imagination to create shapes and forms while gazing into the slab. The balancing of gray and a hint of black means it can form well against light or dark gray cabinets, while adding creativity and excitement.

Alpine Mist

Alpine Mist is a gentler and softer gray quartz stone with hints of white to feel like you are peering through a misty mountainside with flakes of snow blinding your vision. It can meld very well with light and dark gray cabinets to expand the illusion or have clear separation of spaces between the countertop and cabinet.




Beige Quartz + Gray Cabinets

Beige is a great color for homes that want to incorporate a sense of warmth and rejuvenation into a room. It welcomes guests with colors that remind people of home, without being overbearing and distracting. Beige is another color that melds with other colors very well, but is amplified better with other lighter shades.

Taj Royale

Taj Royale quartz stone is a beige stone with dark brown veining to cast a form of movement within the slab.

     Light Gray Cabinets: Taj Royale and light gray cabinets will easily create a sense of warmth, life, and comfort in a kitchen or bathroom as the tones illuminate the room.

     Dark Gray Cabinets: The contrasting colors may initially compete at first, but over time you will see that the Taj Royale merely adds color while the cabinets provide stability and security. Combined together, they work in harmony for a loving kitchen.

Cloudburst Concrete

Cloudburst concrete is a light beige quartz stone with white speckles to form tiny dots over the stone. Strong enough to handle high traffic areas, this stone balances the delicate colors of beige with the strength of quartz wonderfully.

     Light Gray Cabinets: Cloudburst Concrete and light gray cabinets can effortlessly meld into one another as their colors are remarkably similar. The white speckles add a touch of texture but from a distance, your guests will feel the whole room feeling like one connected piece.

     Dark Gray Cabinets: The balance between the dark gray cabinets and Cloudburst will be a wonderful design for your guests to enjoy while they sit on the countertop with a meal and feel secure by the darker colors around them for confidence.

Himalayan Moon

Himalayan Moon quartz is a gorgeous beige base stone with black veining weaving and intersecting upon itself to create beautiful designs for all to see.

     Light Gray Cabinets: Combined with light gray cabinets, Himalayan moon can feel like it is breaking free from the dark webbing and stretch out into the cabinets to feel alive and open.

     Dark Gray Cabinets: The black veins of Himalayan Moon now escape the beige base stone to retreat into the dark gray cabinets.



Quartz is an amazing stone that can withstand high traffic areas and can be customized to fit any design a homeowner could want. Gray cabinets are a neutral color that when paired with any type of quartz countertop, can feel like the countertop and cabinets are blending together to make the room feel whole.

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