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How Much Does Calacatta Gold Marble Cost

Written by Castor Syro on April 20, 2023
Edited By Jorelle Baker, Last Updated On January 02, 2024
Reviewed By Amanda Kaiser
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When a homeowner wants to purchase marble countertops, they want something that will live up to the hype of a good quality countertop that they can flaunt to their neighbors. Marble countertops come in several different colors, but the most exquisite marble stone on the market is Calacatta Gold marble.

Calacatta Gold marble is the stone everyone wants in their homes, but they may not be aware of how much they will have to pay to get it. For a high-quality stone, be prepared to pay a high price as we breakdown how much does Calacatta Gold marble costs.


Calacatta Gold Marble Cost

Marble stone is always in demand for interior design and kitchen renovations. Homeowners often imagine their kitchens looking sparkling, clean, fresh, organized, and with simple colors to emphasize they are in a functional and exclusive room.

On average, Calacatta Gold marble costs anywhere from $50-$180 per sq. ft to install. This large price gap can change based on several factors: rarity, availability, company, and quality. As such, the price for Calacatta Gold marble can fluctuate based on the market. Homeowners should be prepared to pay anywhere between $80-$100 for a good quality Calacatta Gold marble slab.




Why is Calacatta Gold So Expensive

There is no dancing around it, Calacatta Gold is one of the more expensive variants of marble on the market. The price of Calacatta Gold will fluctuate, based on the following conditions and factors.


Calacatta Gold is one of the rarest types of marble for fabricators to obtain. Calacatta marble is only quarried in Italy, making the amount of Calacatta limited on how much can be internationally sold. The light gold veining within Calacatta Gold makes the stone more precious, because not every piece of Calacatta will have specific coloring and shading.

Calacatta Gold marble does not have actual gold in the stone. It is named after the light gold coloring it develops during the stones formation.


Because Calacatta Gold is difficult to find in only a single location, it needs to be carefully excavated using specialized tools so as not to damage or break the stone. These extra steps of using more precise instruments and tools means more labor from the excavation team, which the fabricators have to pay. Fabricators have to charge a higher price to cover the cost of obtaining the stone and having it ready for purchase.


The economy and market run on a simple rule of supply and demand. If the people demand a specific product, the company has to find a way to supply it. When there is a limited quantity of a product, companies will have to charge higher prices because it is not easy to obtain or keep in stock.

Calacatta Gold marble is a perfect example of this as it is coveted by homeowners on a daily basis, so it can be difficult for fabricators to keep enough in stock. Considering the stone is already rare to obtain, the price will increase further.


The Marble Institute of America created a grading system to ensure customers are paying accurate prices for corresponding quality of stone. This allows customers to have more confidence in their purchase without being cheated by buying high-quality prices for low-quality material.

  • Grade A: Highest quality stone with minimal flaws, light veining, subtle colors, but a very high cost.
  • Grade B: Second best quality with minor flaws (pitting and fissures), a blotchy appearance, with a medium to high cost.
  • Grade C: Middle quality with obvious flaws (pitting and fissures), possible cracks and chipping, may need repairs, sold at an average price.
  • Grade D: Lowest quality with heavy damage, bright colors, dark contrasting veins, various flaws that required repairing, but least expensive option.


Depending on how thick a homeowner purchases their marble stone will affect the price of the overall cost. Deciding on how thick marble stone should be can change based on how often the countertop will be used. Calacatta Gold and other marble stone comes in 4 distinct thickness levels.

  • 1 cm. Thickness: Very thin and delicate, should not be used as countertop material, prone to damage and breaking, needs additional support from plywood, good for large commercial projects, least expensive.
  • 2 cm. Thickness: Industry average and moderate durability, good option for countertop material, may need additional support, reasonably priced.
  • 3 cm. Thickness: Optimal choice and best option for countertop material, incredible stability, excellent durability, reasonably priced but can be expensive.
  • 4 cm. Thickness: Very thick, most durable option, not good for backsplash as it can be very heavy, requires additional support to manage weight, very expensive.

Job Complexity

Installing Calacatta Gold marble is not that difficult, but the type of job being done could change the price of installation. Simply put, the more difficult a job is, the more expensive the installation price will become.

For example, a job that requires a Calacatta Gold marble countertop installation with a single cutout, basic edging, and a polished finish will be less expensive than a job that requires multiple cutouts, a premium edge, additional backsplash and a leathered finish.

Homeowners should check their invoice when installing Calacatta Gold marble as some companies will provide a finish and standard edging option free of charge. However, premium edging will be considered a separate charge as it requires extra work for the fabricator.





Transporting marble countertops can be perilous for the material itself. New Jersey has inconsistent roads with heavy potholes where one wrong bump can cause a crack or chip in the marble stone. Fabricators will often charge more to homeowners who live farther away from their warehouse. Alternatively, if a homeowner lives close by their warehouse, the price will be much cheaper for transport.

Old Countertop Removal

Logic stands that if a homeowner will be installing a new countertop, they will have to remove their old countertop material. Some companies will provide a free countertop removal service with purchase and installation of a new countertop, but that information must be checked on an invoice.


Final Answer

How much does Calacatta Gold marble countertops cost? Overall, it depends. Homeowners should expect to pay around $100 or more per sq. ft. because Calacatta Gold is very rare, hard to obtain, and even harder to keep in stock due to high demand. There is no debate that Calacatta Gold is gorgeous and will be the highlight of any room it is placed in. It is a situation where homeowners will be paying a high price for a high-quality product.

National Average


(30 sq.ft. of moderate countertop with eased edge, undermount sink, and no backsplash)

Low: $2,000
Medium: $4,000
High: $6,000+

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