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Where to Install Quartzite In Your Home

An installation of a light colored quartzite like Super White quartzite on your kitchen countertops, kitchen island countertop or bathroom vanity top can transform the look of your kitchen or bathroom and result in a bright and inviting space.

Why You Should Consider a Kitchen Pass-Through Window

Small kitchen pass-through windows were once a popular trend. Today’s pass-through windows have little in common with the tiny hole in the wall pass-through windows of days gone by. Modern designs offer improved aesthetics, natural lighting, and convenience.

What are Some Ideas for Displaying Pot and Pans?

Whether you are a home cook or a secret gourmet chef in the making, we all can appreciate the value of high quality cookware. However, few people realize that openly displaying beautiful cookware will add both beauty and practicality to your kitchen layout.

How to Incorporate Zen Design into Your Home

Make your home a space of peace and tranquility by incorporating Zen design. This design style is based on the overall idea of bringing balance and harmony into a space. You can use this style in one room or your entire home.

Kitchens that are Light, Bright and Not White

The clean and classic look of white kitchens has become one of the most popular and enduring kitchen design trends. However, this look is not for everyone. If you like the appearance of a light and bright kitchen, but want to avoid the all-white look, here are a few ideas.

Wabi Sabi Design and How to Get it in Your Kitchen

This year has been declared the year of wabi-sabi, the design trend that will transcend all other trends in 2018. What is wabi-sabi you may ask? It is not a sauce or the color of a sauce in design, it is all about living in the moment. Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese concept.

Tips for getting a Latin-inspired Interior Design

Latin American inspired interior design is a fantastic way to fill your home with some exciting flavor and beautiful old-world charm. This look really makes a bold statement. If done properly, you will feel like every day is a vacation in the Mediterranean.

How to Bring Mystery into Your Kitchen with Black

People think that bold black colors will weigh the space down and make it look too heavy. In reality, black can be a smart decor choice that really can add elegance to your kitchen. The beautiful mystery of black is a look that will never go out of style.

How to Add a Vintage Touch to Your Bathroom

Bathroom vanity tops can be sourced in many different types of stones from marble to granite and quartzite to name a few. Granite and quartzite stones will perform better with less maintenance than a marble vanity top, but there is never one right answer when it comes to home design.

How lighting can Increase Comfort in Your Kitchen

Looking to increase the comfort level of your kitchen area? The aesthetic allure of natural light can do wonders for this area of the house. Also known as ‘daylighting,’ installing windows or other openings can dramatically increase the amount of reflective natural light in your kitchen.

Cabinetry in the Kitchen: Retro vs. contemporary

Cabinetry surfaces and finishes can dramatically change the look of a kitchen and add to the depth and design of a space. A traditional faced cabinetry will look starkly different as compared to a retro or more sleek and contemporary styled cabinetry.

How Wood Can Add Character to Your Kitchen

Consider incorporating some wood elements into the room. Wood brings warmth to a space and there are many ways to use wood in your kitchen remodeling project. Your personal preferences and kitchen design style can help determine the best places to use wood to add character and warmth to your kitchen

Quick Tips for Adding Style to Your Bathroom

You are creating a space that will become a wonderful retreat from all the worries of the world. Luckily, has extremely easy-to-use room design planning tools and of course, a vast amount of natural stone to choose from to help you get started on your design journey.

Essential Products for Your Natural Stone

Whether you have Bianco Antico Granite, Viscont White granite, Bianco Napoleone granite, or another type of natural stone, using cleaners, sealers, and color enhancers that are designed for use on natural stone will preserve the beauty of your stone.

What Is the New Color Tipster Tool?

This tool allows you to upload a picture of the room(s) you want to have natural stone installed and makes that dream plan you are envisioning a little more realistic. The tool is amazing because it really can bring those dream plans full circle.