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What Colors Do Quartz Countertops Come In

Written by Jorelle Baker on June 26, 2023
Edited By Carolyn Fennek, Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Angela Warren
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With the advent of better technology in the stone slab industry, quartz countertops have become one of the top-quality stones available on the market. While other stones like marble and granite can range from moderate to nearly unaffordable unless you are affluent, quartz has stepped up to allow homeowners of all financial availability to obtain the hardy stone that looks like marble.

So this begs the question, what colors do quartz countertops come in? Are there any specific colors that sell the best? What colors should I purchase for my own home?

That is what we at are here to provide you with as we go through a list of some of our most popular and exotic choices of quartz countertops.


Tips For Choosing Quartz Colors

We can make the stone buying and installation process easy for you, as long as you know what you want to buy. While some homeowners come to us with an idea already in mind, others are less secure in their choice and require assistance. Whenever we encounter clients unsure of what colors to buy, we take time to communicate what to look for with quartz and certain elements to understand before buying. These elements are:

· Primary Colors

· Complimentary Colors

· Neutral Colors

· Lighting

· Surroundings

· Personal Taste


Primary Colors

Primary colors are any set of colors that can be used to make a wide range of hues and shades. There are 3 primary colors in a traditional color wheel: yellow, blue and red. By mixing these colors together, you get secondary colors like green, purple, and orange. Then by continually mixing those colors together, you get the full spectrum of colors.

Quartz countertops come in almost every color thanks to its wide range of customizable options. Yellow quartz stones are not typically chosen, but many gold and beige quartz stones are a popular choice as they represent wealth and serenity.



Complimentary Colors

Complimentary colors are selecting two or more colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel. Opposite colors match well together, so many interior and graphic design options use complimentary colors in their projects.

For example, white and black are opposite colors, but are often used in a minimalist kitchen to highlight the clean lines and separation of the room while aesthetically looking good. Red and blue are complementary colors and often used to attract attention.

The majority of quartz slabs will have complimentary colors in the stone because stones are not uniform once color often. Natural stones will always have speckles of other minerals inside them, providing a lovely accent of spectacle to each slab.


Neutral Colors

White, black, and gray are considered neutral since they are the respective absence of color and combination of every color. These colors will not appear in a traditional color wheel since they have a separate set of color transitions with varying shades of gray.

White has the unique ability to adopt the color of another it is mixed with. For example, by mixing white and blue, you will have more blue. Alternatively, black has the opposite effect where mixing black and blue together will get you a dark blue or more black.

Neutral quartz slabs are extremely popular as homeowners are craving simplicity in their kitchens and bathrooms. These colors are amazing for giving the room the impression of feeling clean and organized.



Depending on how much lighting and what type of lighting is in the room can play a factor in the type of quartz color you want to choose. Rooms that have plenty of bright ambient and natural light may want a neutral or darker colored stone to absorb it, so it does not reflect around the room and blind you when you walk inside. Alternatively, a room with minimal lighting could have the illusion of brightness with a white or brighter colored quartz slab.

There are so many options and ways to view quartz with lighting that it really depends on what the room looks like and what colors you would like to blend with the lighting.



Like anything in a home, you and your guests will be looking at everything at once before looking at individual components. Your quartz countertops may be your new pride and joy, but will they be the centerpiece in the kitchen, or will it be a highlight for something else? Are you going to use it as a bar countertop with lovely glasses and bottles surrounding it, or as wall material in the bathroom?

Understanding where the quartz will be installed and what is surrounding it will help you better decide what colors to choose. Selecting bright and vibrant colors is a good way to set the tone for the room so other items like flowers, pictures, or knick knacks can come to life. On the other hand, having a neutral-colored quartz will come off as mute, which is a good background to highlight a specific centerpiece.


Personal Taste

The biggest choice we can help you make is getting you to understand what it is you want. This is your kitchen or bathroom or bar or whatever room you are installing it in. No matter what we or anyone else says is the “best color,” the choice will always come down to, “what colors do you like?” By knowing what colors you like and designs you find attractive, then that will always be the answer. We can show you rows of quartz slabs available and tell you how to make the most of them, but it will always come down to what you like the most.


Popular Quartz Colors


Calacatta Infinita

Calacatta Infinita is a custom stone we have available at, thanks to our close partners at Vena Stone. Calacatta Infinita mimics the iconic designs of marble, while still having all the advantages of quartz. This makes it more durable and reliable for active use in the bathroom or kitchen.



Another favorite choice by our friends at Vena Stone, the Carrara quartz is named and designed after the famous Carrara marble stone. Similar to Calacatta, it has all the glamor and luxurious personality of marble, while still possessing the strengths and durability of quartz.


Statuario Nuvo

Statuario Nuvo is a darker shade of white, providing small amounts of color to give the kitchen or bathroom a comfortable and warm welcome. It is another quartz that was fabricated to resemble marble, while still maintaining its increased durability and non-porous surface.


Cosmopolitan White

Cosmopolitan White quartz is a white base stone with brown speckles to add some extra color and design to your home. The simple design allows you and your guests to ease into the room and have a pleasant experience without blinding you with bright colors.



Vanilla Noir

Vanilla Noir is a gorgeous black quartz slab with light, yet consistent veining to create a tantalizing pattern to keep your eyes fixated on the stone for hours. Vanilla Noir is brought to you by Caesarstone who has years of experience fabricating high quality slabs for any perspective and veteran homeowner.


Jet Black

Jet Black quartz is a Caesarstone favorite with its nearly all black coloring. There is a light hint of gray lightly brushed in that is just barely noticeable to peak the curiosity of any onlooker. What makes Jet Black so much more appealing is that it has 93% pure quartz stone in its composition, while many other companies have 90% quartz in their slabs.


Nero Marquise

Nero Marquise is a beautiful pitch-black stone with white veins zigzagging across the entire slab. The slab immediately captures your attention and blends perfectly with a minimalist room to emphasize the boundaries between each section.



Blackwood quartz is a black stone that has a more natural look with its flecks of gold, cream and blue. It looks identical to natural black stones you could find in the ground with tiny imperfections and other minerals fused into their composition. This does not take away from its overall high durability and resistance to damage, making it just as good as any other quartz on the market.



Rugged Concrete

Rugged Concrete quartz has the look of and personality of concrete but is made of 93% percent of raw mineral quartz and 7% polyresin to bind it together. Rugged concrete quartz is perfect for homes that want to adopt the urban cityscape style of living.


Pure Quantra

Pure Quantra quartz is made of 90% natural quartz mineral, with the remaining 10% being the resin used to bind it together. It is much brighter than Rugged Concrete, giving you more options for interior design as it can transition into white accents or to darker grays and blacks thanks to its miniscule black speckles.


Coastal Gray

Coastal Grey quartz is a black slab with highly expressive gray veining intersecting upon themselves throughout the whole stone. It captivates you and your guests where it would make the perfect centerpiece as a kitchen countertop or island.



Copacabana quartz is a consistent gray countertop material that feels reminiscent of the deep oceans covering our world. While the gray color is most prominent, it has hints of blue to provide the homeowner with a calm and relaxed feeling that is also dependable and sturdy.



Taj Royale

Taj Royale Caesarstone is the ideal beige stone to install in any room. The dark brown veining against a delicate beige stone makes any room feel safe and warm, while also adding some artistic expression to give the mind something to decipher while sitting down for a meal.



Buttermilk quartz is a solid beige stone named after the delicious breakfast style to make every breakfast feel satisfying. The pleasant colors match well with a lovely meal and a great way to start you day.



Cloudburst Concrete quartz is a light beige quartz with slight veining throughout the slab. It is an ideal option for rooms with high traffic like kitchens or bathrooms. The small spots of white adds some extra color that feels like a surprise burst of clouds are emerging in the stone.


Less Common Quartz Colors


Red Shimmer

Be dazzled by the amazing glint of Red Shimmer. The stone itself is a bright red base with speckles of white and gray to feel like the whole slab is glistening in the light. Red Shimmer quartz is suitable for either your kitchen, bathroom, bar, or backsplash and will always be a reliable stone to marvel.



Burnbury quartz is a deep red stone covered in shining, copper-colored speckles, randomly scattered across the slab to create imaginary shows and images the mind conjures the longer you stare at it. Anyone can spend hours of the day finding little patterns, paths, and objects in the stone like a fun Rorschach test in your kitchen.



Chatham quartz is a soft and comfortable red stone slab with red, black, brown, and beige speckles sprinkled in the background. Chatham quartz is like gazing into a slab of red sand, welcoming you to the room to have a lovely meal or a relaxing bath.




Hadley quartz is an entirely dark blue slab with no movements, veining, speckles, or anything. It does not need the extra spectacle to get your attention as the blue stone is powerful enough to grab your attention and keep you invested. However, with a keen eye, you may notice small shading in small parts of the slab which is just barely visible to tingle the imagination.



Sky blue quartz is a magnificent stone that feels like an overhead picture of the sea. Imagine yourself flying above the ocean as a wild sea rages below, tossing the choppy waves and kicking up sea foam as the surface crashes upon itself with the sound of waves echoing out.



Bundle up as you install Kendal quartz into your home. This stone slab was inspired by the frozen winds and icy frost of winter. Designed by the backdrop of ice-like light blue and white patterning can send a chill down your spine or keep you cool during the summer heat.




Cambrian gold slabs are comforting and warm gold stones with incalculable black and brown specks littered in the stone. This quartz style can be used for both small and large projects, meaning you can install it anywhere in the house without worrying about clashing colors or designs.



Buckingham quartz is a gold slab with rich tones of brown, gold, and grays intersecting through the stone. This elegant stone is perfect to match with traditional wooden tables or white bathrooms to illuminate the room, while having a sense of class and style.




Woodlands is a brown quartz stone by Caesarstone with a consistent black and brown slab with gold speckles. The combination of colors looks strikingly similar to that staring at a forest from above. The lovely abundance of trees melding together to create an ecosystem of designs and shapes for the eyes to unravel.



Caldera Caesarstone is a deep brown stone with light-beige accents and brown veining. The amazing spectacle is a treat for the eyes as you trace each vein from one end to the other, creating a fun game of which path will you take next?


Tuscan Dawn

Tuscan Daw is a brown quartz stone with white veining. A simple combination, but one that holds a lot of warmth and creativity as it looks like a sandy beach as the water recedes back into the ocean. Embrace the beauty of nature within the confines of your own home.



Question, what colors do quartz countertops come in? Answer, a lot! These options are only a small selection of what we have at You can see our full catalog anytime on our website. When you are ready, contact us online or over the phone to start the installation process.

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