Countertop FAQ

A comprehensive and thorough guide on how to effectively clean Carrara marble countertops, as well as ways on keeping them healthy, and stain removal tips.
A comprehensive guide on highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing thick and thin marble countertops, as well as how to best use them
A step-by-step guide on how to completely remove burn stains and marks from marble kitchen and bathroom countertops, and how to avoid burn marks from forming.
A simple guideline showcasing how to make marble countertops shine by understanding the type of finish, polishing powders, and ways to keep marble shining.
This article will provide clear details and examples to show what backsplash goes well with Carrara marble countertops, and why a backsplash it important
This article explains what is quartzite, where quartzite comes from, how it can be used in the home and the strengths and weaknesses quartzite countertops
This article will provide a clear comparison between quartz and quartzite stone, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, and which is better for home design
A step by step guide on how to clean quartzite countertops, and how to remove different type of stains from quartzite countertops, as well as basic care tips
A simple explanation discussing the benefits of quartzite installed as kitchen countertop material. We also highlight pros, cons, sealing and durability.
This article will answer how long should a homeowner wait after sealing quartzite countertops before they should use it for daily use, as well as care tips.
This article is a guide for comparing granite and marble stone, understanding their pros, cons, and which will last longer as a countertop for interior design
This helpful guide with teach anyone how to keep marble countertops clean when it is installed in a bathroom. It guides you on cleaning stains, tips, and kits
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