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Advice for Your Bathroom Remodel

There is nothing more exciting then embarking on a bathroom remodel. You are finally going to be tearing out what is old and outdated to create a beautiful relaxing interior. You will finally have a bathroom that gives you peace and relaxation after a long hard day.

Color Ideas for Your Bathroom that Create a Unified Look

When you want to create a unified look to your bathroom and a tranquil, serene environment that evokes calm, relaxed feelings at the beginning and end of your day, your choice of colors is especially important. Include light blues, soft greens, and light grays in your bathroom design.

What is Negative Space in Design?

The term negative space sounds as if it is bad thing, but au contraire. Without negative space there would not be positive space and interior design would look like a mishmash. It’s all about balance. You have heard about the virtues of white space in the world of art. The same idea applies.

Five Popular Beige Granite Stones for High-Traffic Areas

The natural stone industry offers countless aesthetically pleasing beige granite stones that will help make those high traffic areas stunning. Your family will be able to enjoy the resplendent features of beige granite countertops with lower maintenance than other stones in the industry.

How Your Countertop Choice Can Match Your Design Style

At we offer more than just marble and it is an absolute joy to browse through our amazing selection of stone colors to suit you and your home's character. However it can be difficult to figure out what type of material suits your design aesthetic.

Four Quartzite Stones That Look Like Marble

Quartzite has risen in popularity in the past few years for its incredible durability and ability to mimic the look of marble without the hassle. While granite can be sourced in many stone colors, quartzite is limited to grays, whites, and beiges.

Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom

When you want to remodel a small bathroom, you most likely want to create more space or create the feeling of more space. As an area of the home that we spend much time in, we want to feel comfortable and relaxed in this room. You can make this room your spa-inspired retreat regardless of its size.

What is Hygge Style and how do I get it In My Kitchen?

The versatility of hygge makes it easy to add elements of the style to your kitchen, even if you don’t want to remodel the entire room. Making some changes to the colors and accessories in your kitchen can create the calming, cozy effect that is the reason this design style has become so popular.

How to Design a Baker's Kitchen

There is nothing like the aroma of baked goods to make both our mouths water and fill our hearts with joy. Many people have fond memories of baking with their parents and want to pass down this tradition to their own children.

What is a Layered Lighting Plan?

Ironically, one of the most important elements of design is often ignored, even though it is literally illuminating everything around It is not unusual to underestimate the value of lighting and how important it is to success of any aesthetic.

Countertop’s Tower of Babble

Every industry has its own jargon. Natural stone fabricators and countertop installers are no exception. When you are renovating your kitchen or bathroom—and you know you will—you can rest assured a number of terms will come your way that you may not understand.

Do Some Granite Stones Look Like Marble?

There are a few granite options that can mimic the look of marble without the added work. The overall look of granite is never a mirror image of marble, but a granite that looks like marble can create the same type of sophisticated and luxurious look in your kitchen with less stress of maintenance.

Are Marble Kitchen Countertops a Good Idea?

Some homeowners insist on marble for its timeless beauty and luxury. While the natural stone industry offers many alternatives, if you have your heart set on marble and are willing to provide the care and maintenance to keep it looking great, marble may be the perfect choice for your kitchen.