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Every slab of natural stone is completely unique. Because of this, it’s important to visit one of our locations to see the variations in person.

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Material Information

Absolute Black granite is a timeless addition to a home, being simple yet elegant. Whether you are looking from near or far, the consistency of the stone makes it an ideal match for a variety of architectural styles. Not only does the stone provide a rich and amplified look to your home, its durable nature also makes it a special addition.

With its simple appearance, Absolute Black granite will ensure a fresh and clean look for years to come. The style can be used in conjunction with many different interior design styles, making it highly adaptable. The granite is easy to care for due to its density making it almost impossible to stain. From a closer perspective and with the addition of natural light, small gray mineral deposits are seen throughout the stone, intensifying its overall stunning effect. Absolute Black granite is perfect for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, backsplashes, accent walls and fireplaces. In addition to interiors, it is also a great choice for outdoor installation. Committing to a granite like this guarantees years of easy maintenance as well as a stylish home.

Original Name:

Material Type: Granite

Country of Origin: India

Colors: Black

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