Granite countertops cannot be installed using screws. Find out what granite adhesive is and how it is used to install your new granite countertop.
Hard water stains can diminish the appearance of your granite. Find out how you can remove these stains as well as protect against them occurring.
Clorox wipes are one of the most convenient cleaning products on the market. Find out if you can use them to clean your granite or if you need an alternative.
Sealing granite is a simple DIY project that can be tackled by even novice owners. Learn to protect granite and enjoy a beautiful stone for years to come.
Marble is one of the most beautiful materials on the planet. Find out how you can remove stains from your marble and keep the stone in great shape.
Honed marble can visually enhance your space. Find out exactly what honed marble is and if it is a good fit to complete your home remodeling project.
Granite sinks have risen in popularity as a viable alternative to stainless steel. Find out how to clean granite and granite composite sinks.
With granite countertops, you will have a few different finishing options. Learn more about one of the options you have – a leathered finish.
Polishing granite is an important part of keeping the stone in great shape. Find out what the best granite polish, cleaner and sealers are.
Granite countertops can dull over time. Find out how you can restore and properly care for the surfaces to keep them looking as good as new.
While it may seem heartbreaking when you find a chip or crack in your granite countertop, you have no need to worry. Find out how to easily repair granite.
Water stains are rare, but can occur on granite countertops. Find out how to remove them and protect your countertop from any future water stains.
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