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Best Granite Polish: What Should You Use?

Written by Amanda Kaiser on November 11, 2019
Edited By Stephen Baez, Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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Granite is one of the top choices for countertops, backsplashes, vanity tops, fireplace surrounds and more. These beautiful natural stone surfaces are among the most durable you can have in your home. With proper care, your granite surfaces can stay in great shape for many years to come. This guide will lead you toward choosing the best granite polish, as well as the best granite cleaner and best granite sealer. 

Why is Polishing Granite Important? 

To retain granite’s distinctive shine, you must polish it. After months of heavy use, the stone can start to become dull. By polishing granite, you can make your surface shine as if it is brand new. Polishing will also help to protect against water spots that can turn into stains. 


What is the Best Polish for Granite Countertops? 

While there are many products available on the market, the best way to polish your granite countertops is to use Laticrete StoneTech Polish. Formerly sold under the DuPont name, this polisher will restore your granite’s luster, while leaving behind no greasy film. The solution is also streak-free and can be used to polish various other natural stones, such as marble, limestone and travertine. Keep in mind that this product should not be used to polish floors, as it can create a slipping hazard. 

What Else Should You Do to Care for Your Granite? 

While polishing will enhance your granite’s appearance, there are other steps you can take to make sure these natural stone surfaces stay in magnificent condition. Some of these important steps include cleaning and sealing, both of which will be covered in this section. 

What is the Best Granite Cleaner? 

As you will find with granite polishers, there are many granite cleaning products available on the market. However, not all of these products are effective. While some may clean granite, the product may also contain harsh chemicals that wear away at the natural stone or its seal. 

If you are looking for a daily granite cleaner that is safe and effective, this product can do the job. Not only does this cleaner remove grease and grime, it also contains a small amount of sealant, which will help keep your granite countertop or other surface adequately protected. It can also be used on other stone countertops, including marble. 

To use the product, all you need to do is spray it on the surface and wipe it away with a microfiber cloth or paper towel. Daily use of this cleaner will help keep your granite in terrific shape. 

What Are the Best Granite Sealers? 

Sealing is one of the most important aspects of stone care. The process is quick, simple and there are many high-quality sealers available. This section will cover some of the best sealant products you can use on your granite surfaces. 

Laticrete BulletProof StoneTech Sealer 

This professional grade sealer is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It will not diminish the natural look of your stone. It is perfect for use on granite, marble, limestone, travertine and more. 


Laticrete StoneTech Enhancer Pro Sealer 

If you are looking to deepen the color of your natural stone, Laticrete StoneTech Enhancer Pro Sealer can be just what you are searching for. The product seals and enhances the stone’s coloring and can be used on indoor and outdoor natural stone surfaces. 

Superior Zero Ultimate Stone Sealer 

Superior Zero Ultimate Stone Sealer comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle. The solvent-based formula works its way deep into the stone to protect against staining and other hazards. 

Helpful Tips: Caring for Your Granite 

The following table lists helpful tips regarding granite care. 

Caring for Granite: What to Avoid
  • Never use any harsh products, like bleach, Windex, Clorox or vinegar, to clean or polish your granite. All these products can cause damage to natural stone. Use the safe, non-acidic options mentioned above. In addition, products such as grout cleaner will not be effective.
  • Do not use rough cleaning tools like steel wool. Use a soft cloth for cleaning and polishing.

Finding the best granite polish, cleaner and sealer is not a tough task. That said, finding effective products is very important and will go a long way in caring for your natural stone. Granite is one of the most beautiful materials produced by the earth. By using the products mentioned above, you can make sure your granite surfaces continue to look amazing.

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