How to Clean a Granite Sink: Best Ways to Clean and Restore Shine

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Granite is one of the most popular building materials for the home. This gorgeous natural stone is used to construct everything from countertops to sinks, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds and much more. Granite sinks have risen in popularity in recent years, not only because the fixtures are a perfect complement to granite countertops, but because they are beautiful and durable. While many homes do still feature sinks made of stainless steel, homeowners are now opting for either granite sinks or granite composite sinks as alternatives. This guide will cover how to clean and shine both, which can keep these sinks in top shape. 


How to Clean a Granite Sink 


As mentioned above, natural granite is one of the top choices for building materials in the home. This section will cover how to clean your granite sink, as well as how you can restore and retain its shine. 


Granite Sinks: What to Know 


There are a few things you will have to keep in mind with granite sinks. First, your sink must be properly sealed to protect from scratches or erosion. The sealing process is quick and easy, and there are many easy-to-use sealers on the market. In addition, it is very important that you never use harsh chemicals such as bleach in an attempt to clean your granite sink. Using harsh cleaning products, including many multipurpose cleaners, can cause damage to natural stone surfaces. You should also never use harsh cleaning tools, such as steel wool. By following the steps below, you can safely and effectively clean your granite sink. 


Cleaning Stubborn Stains 


Stains on granite sinks can be quite tough. Luckily, cleaning these stains is an easy process. The steps below will help guide you through cleaning any tough stains. 


Step 1 


To begin, mix whiting powder and hydrogen peroxide. To do so, follow the instructions that come with the whiting powder product you are using. When you mix these ingredients together, they will form a thick paste. 


Step 2 


Carefully apply a ½ inch thick layer of the paste to the stain. 


Step 3 


Following the application of the paste, cover it with plastic wrap. 


Step 4 


Wait for 24 to 48 hours while the paste draws the stain out of the sink. 


Step 5 


After you have waited the proper amount of time, remove the plastic wrap. Wipe away the dried paste with a sponge or soft cloth. 


Step 6 


Rinse the area with water and dry with a paper towel or soft cloth. 

Stubborn Stains
Step 1 Mix whiting powder and hydrogen peroxide
Step 2 Apply to the stain
Step 3 Cover with plastic wrap
Step 4 Wait for 24 to 48 hours
Step 5 Remove the plastic wrap and wipe away the paste


Cleaning Hard Water Stains 


Hard water stains are caused by ‘hard’ water, which is water that has a high mineral content. This water can leave behind mineral deposits that cause pesky stains and diminish the appearance of your granite sink. The steps below can help you remove hard water stains. 


Step 1 


Wet the scrubbing side of a sponge that has a scrubbing pad. Apply hot water and a few drops of mild dish soap. 


Step 2 


Scrub the sink using the sponge. 


Step 3 


After you have thoroughly scrubbed the sink, rinse it and dry using a soft cloth. 


Step 4 


After you have cleaned the stain, you can use a small amount of mineral oil to restore your sink’s shine. Put a small amount on a soft cloth and apply to the sink. 


Step 5 


After you have applied the mineral oil, wait for 1 minute. Once you have waited, you can wipe the oil away and admire the sink’s shine. 

Hard Water Stains
Step 1 Wet a scrubbing sponge
Step 2 Scrub the sink
Step 3 Rinse and dry
Step 4 Apply mineral oil
Step 5 Wait and wipe away


How to Clean a Granite Composite Sink 


While you can have a sink made of natural granite, many homeowners are also choosing to install sinks made of composite granite. This material is made by a combination of granite dust and acrylic resin. The fixtures are created to mimic the look of natural granite. 


Because the material is different than natural granite, cleaning granite composite sinks will require different steps. The steps below can help you clean your granite composite sink, as well as remove any water spots, limescale deposits and various other stains. 


Step 1 


Begin by clearing out any dishes and debris from your sink. You can then use mild dish soap and hot water to scrub the sink clean. After this, dry the sink using a soft cloth or paper towel. This step will help you achieve a quick clean. The following steps will help you get a deeper and more effective clean. 


Step 2 


Apply baking soda all around the sink. If you are trying to remove any particular stains, you can focus on those areas. 


Step 3 


Apply a small amount of white vinegar and let it combine with the baking soda. 


Step 4 


Scrub the mixture into the sink using a sponge or soft bristle brush. 


Step 5 


After scrubbing, rinse the sink using warm water and dry using a soft cloth or paper towel. 


Step 6 


Once your granite composite sink is cleaned, you can restore its shine using mineral oil. Apply a tablespoon of mineral oil to a soft cloth and buff using a circular motion. Wait 1 minute, wipe away and enjoy the luster. 

Cleaning Granite Composite Sinks
Step 1 Clear and scrub using soap and water
Step 2 Apply baking soda
Step 3 Apply white vinegar
Step 4 Scrub using a sponge or soft bristle brush
Step 5 Rinse and dry
Step 6 Use mineral oil to restore shine



Whether you have a natural granite sink or composite granite sink, there are easy and effective ways to clean the fixtures. This DIY job can be accomplished by using non-abrasive cleaning solutions that you can make at home. If you notice cloudy buildup around the edges or various other stains, there is no need to panic. By following the steps above, you can clean your granite or composite granite kitchen sink.

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