Granite countertops are some of the easiest home surfaces to care for. Learn more about the ways you can properly care for your granite countertops.
Marble is one of the most beautiful natural stones you can find. Learn how to maintain this beauty by properly cleaning your marble surfaces.
Granite countertops are among the lower maintenance options you have but still need care. Learn how to properly take care of your granite countertops.
Granite is one of the easiest materials to clean and care for. Find out the best tips for cleaning and caring for your granite surfaces.
If you have narrowed down your countertop search to Silestone and granite, you must know what separates each. Find out the answers by reviewing this guide.
There is no need to panic if you find a rust stain on your marble surface. Find out what steps you can take to address the problem.
If your marble has been “etched” or damaged do not worry has everything you need to know.
Here's how to clean granite countertops in bathrooms. With a little TLC, your granite stone will last a lifetime, no matter where it is in your home.
Although granite is scratch-resistant, accidents can happen. When those accidents happen, you'll be ready with our helpful guide to remove a granite scratch.
While granite is an easy to care for stone, there are certain ingredients that should never be used on your granite countertops. Learn more with our guide.
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